Ariel winter sizzles in new bikini

Ariel Winter Sizzles In Sexy Bikini, Flaunts New Red Hair


Ariel Winter is no stranger to making a splash. The former Modern Family star recently did it again when she took to her Instagram to show off a new look.

Ariel appears to be hanging out at a beach house for her latest post. Several of the pics show her spending some quality time with her boyfriend Luke Benward in the beautiful abode, but it’s not the house that caught fans’ attention.

The actress showed off a new look with some newly red hair. She also had jaws dropping in a bikini that she modeled in several different pictures.

The swimsuit had a lively pattern printed across it and was slightly open in the middle. That gave just enough room to show off what is still an ample chest for Winter, despite a much-publicized breast reduction surgery a few years ago.

The pics also show off what winter says is one of the couple’s favorite past times. When the couple are just hanging out, they love playing board games. The photo explains why she took to Instagram in the first place with the caption,  “does anyone else love games (especially board games) as much as we do?”

While the bikini was breathtaking, it was what was on top of her that really stole the show. The actress has changed her hair color again, this time going with a very becoming red shade that looks quite a bit more natural than her former blonde locks.

ariel winter blonde
Ariel Winter/Instagram

Ariel Winter Shines Near The Beach

One thing that stands out besides Ariel’s body is how happy she looks with her boyfriend. The pair also appear quite at ease, always a plus when talking about being on vacation.

ariel winter bikini
Ariel Winter/Instagram

Being happy and comfortable in her own skin is something the Modern Family and Sofia The First actress has had to battle for over the years.

Since becoming the celebrity she is today, she’s often talked about the body shaming and bullying she’s received online.

ariel winter lounging
Ariel Winter/Instagram

“I’ve faced body shaming and cyber bullies for about seven or eight years now that I’ve been in the spotlight,” Ariel told Shape in 2019. “At 11 years old, I started working on Modern Family and I was super flat and had no curves and was getting hate for that. Then overnight, my body changed and I was this curvy woman. I didn’t know how to navigate that and got so much hate for it.”

ariel winter drinking
Ariel Winter/Instagram

Overcoming Bullying

These days, she seems to have realized that hate was something she could ignore. Or at least not lend strength to. She’s often posed in Instagram shots that show off her curves.

ariel winter board games
Ariel Winter/Instagram

She’s also talked in recent years about her experiences. Ariel has talked about feeling more comfortable in her own skin. She looks plenty content these days.

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