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Kaitlyn Bristowe Chooses Sides: Is She #TeamKatie or #TeamGreg?

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Bachelorette viewers were shocked by Greg Grippo’s behavior on the latest episode. In the installment airing on August 2, the frontrunner got into an intense argument with Katie Thurston. Subsequently, Greg appeared to quit the show entirely. Now host Kaitlyn Bristowe is giving her thoughts on the development. Is she #TeamKatie or #TeamGreg? 

Fans Praise Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Empathy 

Chris Harrison’s departure from his hosting gig divided Bachelor Nation. Some people vowed to never watch an episode of the franchise again. However, others were unbothered by Harrison’s exit and were happy to see fresh faces. 

Amid controversy surrounding Chris Harrison’s comments about Rachael Kirkconnell, ABC put him on the back burner and brought in Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe to host Season 17 of The Bachelorette. While the general consensus is that two hosts are unnecessary, fans seem to enjoy Tayshia and Kaitlyn. Good thing, because the network is bringing them back for Michelle Young’s season this fall. 

Tayshia Adams/Kaitlyn Bristowe/Credit: Bachelor Nation/YouTube
Tayshia Adams/Kaitlyn Bristowe/Credit: Bachelor Nation/YouTube

Kaitlyn Bristowe, in particular, received praise from fans. After Katie and Greg’s blow-up argument, Katie locked herself in her bathroom. Kaitlyn was given the task of talking Katie down from the proverbial ledge. During a recent episode of the Click Bait podcast, Kaitlyn revealed that she had no idea what actually went down between Katie and Greg until the episode aired, just like everyone else. 

Bachelorette Host Gives Inside Scoop About Argument 

According to Kaitlyn, she only had a front-row seat from Katie’s side of the story. There’s been a lot of armchair psychologists analyzing if Greg was “gaslighting” Katie. However, in that moment, Kaitlyn reveals that Katie wasn’t using that term at the time of the argument. Katie did seem to imply after the episode aired that she considered Greg’s behavior in line with classic gaslighting. 

As a former lead herself, Kaitlyn has a deeper understanding of Katie’s position than viewers. She said, “There are lists, there are roses, there are placements. She gave him so much reassurance the whole show.”

Does that mean Kaitlyn is on Katie’s side? Not necessarily. 

Is Kaitlyn #TeamKatie or #TeamGreg?

Fans are divided over who is more to blame for the argument – Katie or Greg. Kaitlyn seems to be a little unsure herself, admitting that she “felt bad” for Greg. 

On the other hand, she felt his behavior was “bulls**t.” In fact, she believes he quit the show because he knew Katie was going to send him home. Kaitlyn said Greg’s “ego” got in the way of his relationship with Katie. 

Katie Thurston Calls Argument Her ‘Lowest Point’ During Season 

Katie Thurston appreciates the support from her fellow Bachelorette alum. She reposted the Us Weekly article on her Instagram Stories with a photo of Kaitlyn with a photoshopped crown on her head. She wrote that “sitting on the floor” with Kaitlyn was “the lowest point” of the whole experience for her. 

Credit: Katie Thurston/Instagram
Credit: Katie Thurston/Instagram

Does Kaitlyn Bristowe siding more with Katie than Greg surprise you? Are you #TeamKatie or #TeamGreg? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Don’t miss the EXPLOSIVE Bachelorette season finale on Monday, August 9. Things get lighter on August 16 when everyone hits the beach for Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise. 

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