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Jim Bob Duggar’s Friend Kent Hovind Arrested For Domestic Violence 

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Jim Bob Duggar’s friend Kent Hovind (also known as Dr. Dino) was arrested recently for domestic violence toward his ex-girlfriend/spiritual wife. According to Religious News, Jim Bob Duggar’s friend was later released on bond. Turns out, this is far from Kent Hovind’s run-in with the law. In fact, he previously spent nearly a decade behind bars at a federal prison for tax evasion-related charges.

According to Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball, Jim Bob Duggar’s friend is a “sovereign citizen that believes that only the law of god rules him.” Kent Hovind allegedly did not file his taxes for nearly three decades.

Kent Hovind’s son defended Jim Bob Duggar’s son Josh

Turns out, Jim Bon Duggar and Kent Hovind are pretty good friends. So much so that Kent’s son Eric actually penned a blog post back in 2015 that defended Josh Duggar’s molestation. In his blog, Eric argued, “if evolution was real then Josh’s molestation was justified.” Furthermore, when Kent Hovind was released from prison back in 2015 it was none other than his pal Jim Bob Duggar that picked him up.

Presently, Kent Hovid faces accusations of slamming his ex-girlfriend’s body, physically assaulting her, and threatening her. Katie Joy confirms there is uploaded audio of the alleged abuse floating around multiple media outlets. The audio, however, is reportedly “not for the faint of heart.”

Dated July 19th, his arrest warrant alleges that Kent “intentionally threw his estranged wife, Cindi Lincoln, to the ground, causing bodily harm.”

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In response to Katie Joy’s Instagram post, followers of the Duggar family are disgusted Jim Bob would consider this man to be a friend. Likewise, fans are even more disturbed that Kent’s son would defend Josh’s molestation as justified.

Dr. Dino issues a statement that says he’s squeaky clean

Jim Bob Duggar’s friend Kent Hovind did give a statement to Religions News via telephone. He confirmed he was out on bond. He also confirmed he couldn’t really share details about his arrest. Kent insisted there was “nothing to it” and the issues would be settled in court.

Kent streamed a video on YouTube during which he addressed his arrest. He noted that he was “squeaky clean” and everything was fine. He even insisted he was falsely accused.

Unsurprisingly, Duggar fans are horrified as they learn more about Jim Bob’s friend. Do you think he was really falsely accused? Or, do you believe he just thinks he’s above the law? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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  1. Great examples of the problems evangelicals cause. Just being a creationist should be enough to be thrown out of civilised society but they go even further and still get away with it.

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