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‘Love Island USA’: The SHOCKING Reason Leslie Left The Villa

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Earlier this week, Leslie Golden briefly left Love Island USA. Around the time, she said via her Instagram Stories that it was for “personal reasons.” Now, the purple-haired beauty is revealing the real reason why she left so quickly – and it may shock you. Leslie’s departure left Korey Gandy on his own once again.

He seems to be striking out with the ladies. It’s amazing that he lasted so long. Fans noticed that Leslie wanted to make it to the villa after Casa Amor. She would talk to any of the boys who would give her attention. Her sudden departure seemed odd and unlike her. According to Leslie, it wasn’t her choice.

Leslie Golden left the villa for “illegal” behavior

The contestant revealed why she suddenly left Love Island USA. She only said that she did something “a little illegal” and “would love to say” more, but she probably can’t do to the NDA clause. Most reality shows make their castmates sign a clause not to disclose anything about the show. Fans wanted to know more about Leslie’s mysterious departure and found it weird that nothing more was said of it.

The last time that viewers saw her was on the Friday, July 30th episode, when she called out the guys for calling her and fellow newcomer Genevieve Shawcross “raunchy.” The girls caused a stir when they shot photos of themselves in their bikinis while the guys worked out from a few feet away. The boys couldn’t help but laugh. Josh Goldstein questioned whether they were here for genuine intentions.

[Credit: Instagram]
[Credit: Instagram]
He brought up to his partner Shannon St. Clair, who called them out at the end of the episode. She got into a yelling match with her friend, Genevieve, to the confusion of fans. Then Genevieve brought up that Shannon sleeps with Josh in front of everyone. This made Shannon very angry and she continued to lash out at her.

POOF! The Love Island USA contestant vanished

In the next episode, narrator Matthew Hoffman introduced the next public vote for Love Island USA. He encouraged America to vote for their favorite girl and favorite boy. But once fans went to vote on the mobile app, they noticed that Leslie was ineligible for voting. Some of them wanted to know why she was suddenly gone from the show.

Leslie appeared briefly at the start of the Sunday, August 1 episode. She was seen sleeping in bed. Matthew casually mentioned that she “has left the villa.” Then he changed the subject to talk about “some more kooky facts.” Fans took to Twitter to ask why Leslie was suddenly gone.

[Credit: Leslie Golden/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Leslie Golden/Instagram Stories]
That same day, Leslie took to her Instagram Story to declare she left for “Personal reasons!” However, some are convinced since they noticed how interested she was in some of the boys. Leslie insisted that it had nothing to do with the drama. Leslie teased that the truth will eventually come out.

On Tuesday, August 3, she posted a photo of herself smoking a joint on Instagram. In the series of photos, she wore a purple sparkly bikini with snowboarding gear. Leslie jetted off to the snowy mountains after spending time in the Hawaiian islands. She captioned the series of photos: “Were y’all even surprised though?💀 IYKYK.”

What are your thoughts on Leslie leaving the villa so soon? Do you think it’s fair? Who do you want back? Sound off below in the comments.

Love Island USA airs Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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  1. I think that they should of not let Leslie go she didn’t really do anything wrong the way that I see it what she post on her social media is her business give her a another chance bring her back to love island

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