John Hersey Weighs In On Katie Thurston, Greg Grippo Drama

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John Hersey found himself an early fan favorite on Katie Thurston’s season. He found himself going home on Episode three and fans were more than upset. He appeased them on his Instagram saying he was still smiling and thankful. John got applause from the group when he left. He clearly knows how to make an impression on women and men.

John had been rumored to be in Paradise because he wasn’t on the Men Tell All. When the cast list and previews were released, he wasn’t seen on the beach. While it isn’t clear if he will show up on the island, he did speak out about the recent drama. He addressed the fight between Katie Thurston and Greg Grippo that has Bachelor nation arguing about who was in the wrong.

What Did John Hersey Say About The Fight?

John Hersey started the Instagram story saying he usually doesn’t comment on things like the fight. Greg Grippo’s sudden turn after Katie didn’t tell him she loved him has been debated in Facebook groups and on Twitter since it happened. One fan defended Greg saying, “I think if she really was falling in love with Greg she should have given him some reassurance.”

Another said, “she isn’t interested in a man that isn’t strong, that interrupts her when she’s talking, that’s so needy, etc” Fans took a hard stance on Katie versus Greg. John had a more nuanced approach. There are some passionately defending both parties.

The friendships he made on the show are what he’s most grateful for. John said the episode shocked him as he watched the fight unfold. He said, “namely the words and body language exhibited by Greg.” John said watching people normalizing the way he acted he found unhealthy. He stated someone can be a great friend to someone and hurt another person. Hersey said, “friendship cannot be an excuse to blindly defend someone’s behavior.”

He Wants People Held Accountable

John Hersey went on to say while people are on their own journey, they have to find ways to improve. He said no one is perfect but, “holding each other accountable is sometimes necessary in order to move forward.” John is one of several Bachelor nation stars speaking out and like the fans, they are on both sides with this one.

John Hersey, Instagram

A picture shared on John’s Instagram showed him having lunch with Tammy Ly who was on the beach. Fans already ship them together, so maybe he’ll make a surprise appearance in Paradise.

What do you think about John’s words? Did they resonate with you? Comment with your thoughts down below and tune in next Monday for the three-hour finale of The Bachelorette.

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