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How Greg Grippo Felt Following ‘Bachelorette’ Katie Thurston Split, Friend Weighs In

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Apparently, not everyone thought Greg Grippo was wrong during his argument with The Bachelorette Katie Thurston. In fact, one close friend to Greg indicated that it was Katie in the wrong, not Greg. So, how did Greg reportedly feel following his huge disagreement with Katie? Keep reading to find out more.

What did Greg Grippo feel following his split from Katie?

US Weekly shared all about friends who came to Greg’s defense. Another reality television star, who is also a reported friend of Greg’s spoke out in his defense. Big Brother alum Kaitlyn Herman jumped into a Twitter conversation to defend her friend.

Her comments came after Reality Steve commented on Greg’s behavior towards Katie during Monday night’s show. Steve tweeted, “This victim game Greg is playing isn’t working at all. And we haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet.”

Kaitlyn responded saying, “The VICTIM GAME? That was the most vulnerable I’ve ever seen a man speak in my entire life. And the response was ‘I just like looking at you.’ I watched this man cry EVERYDAY when he got home. He was BROKEN.”

When a fan asked why Greg wouldn’t allow Katie to explain herself Kaitlyn had a response for that as well. She said, “He wasn’t asking for her to say I love you and he made that abundantly clear. Also not for nothing, many leads have said I love you at this point (to multiple people).”

Remember, Katie did tell Greg she wasn’t saying I love you to anyone until the very end. She made it clear she wanted to save those special words for her final rose recipient.

Kaitlyn Herman isn’t the only friend to defend Greg

Fellow Bachelorette contestant Connor Brennan also went to social media to defend his pal Greg. Of course, Greg is being accused of gaslighting Katie. In fact, Katie seemingly thinks the same based on an Instagram post she shared yesterday.

Connor defended Greg by saying, “Relationships are nuanced. Breakups are nuanced. Sometimes there’s not a good guy or a bad guy.” He continued, “Sometimes cameras and tweets can’t accurately capture the complexity of real life. Kindness is free, love is complicated.”

One fan didn’t buy what Connor was selling. The fan said, “And sometimes manipulative gaslighting turns into physical abuse and the perpetrator excuses it because his friends defend him. This is an opportunity to still support your friend and acknowledge he crossed a line and encourage him to get help before it escalates.”

Connor once again came to Greg’s defense. He said, “There was no gaslighting in this episode, there was a fight between two people that you saw maybe 20 percent of.”

What do you think of the conversation between Greg and Katie? Was Kaitlyn and Connor right to defend Greg?

Greg has yet to speak out since he left the show. Many believe he was only on the show to promote his acting career. Do you believe that?

Stay tuned for more updates.



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