OutDaughtered Hazel Busby upset

Oh No! What Has Hazel Busby So Upset In This Heartbreaking Photo?!

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It is no secret that any OutDaughtered fan has their favorite Busby. Known for her red hair, adorable glasses, and sweet personality, it’s clear that Hazel Busby is the frontrunner for the all-time favorite Busby quint. So, when Hazel is upset, fans take notice and what to know why she is so upset. So this photo is no different, fans want to know why Hazel Busby is so upset in this photo. Keep reading to find out more.

What are OutDaughtered stars the Busbys up to?

While the Busbys may not be filming for OutDaughtered right now, there is still plenty to keep up with. Luckily for fans, Adam and Danielle Busby do a great job of regularly adding content to their social media. So, their current Orange Beach, Alabama vacation is no exception.

Recently, TV Shows Ace reports on a family activity the Busbys participated in while on vacation. OutDaughtered Danielle Busby shares a couple of videos on her Instagram Stories highlighting the event. The first video is innocent enough. That’s until Danielle says something about maggots and little creatures start scurrying on the beach.

Next, Danielle shares a close-up of Blayke holding a purple bucket while a tiny hand holding a clear plastic cup deposits ghost crabs into the bucket. While this seems like wholesome, family fun a video the family shares later proves to be quite the opposite.

OutDaughtered Hazel Busby photobomb visitor
Instagram Adam Busby

Hazel Busby is upset about ghost crabs

Later, Danielle Busby shares some more clips about their ghost crab adventures. To say that Hazel isn’t happy would be an understatement. Hazel looks beyond terrified as she clings on to her big sister, Blayke. Danielle captions the photo with the following. “Someone actually got scared of those TINY little crabs.” However, it’s reasonable to think anyone would be scared of “those TINY little crabs,” when an early interaction with them is Danielle shouting that they look like maggots.

It seems like Hazel Busby eventually calms down. Next, Danielle shares a photo of red-faced Hazel holding out a clear cup with what looks like a couple of ghost crabs in it. Danielle puts a sticker on this photo that says “#notthrilled.” However, it seems like Hazel’s reaction to ghost crabs is entertaining her mom, Danielle. It seems like Danielle has no sympathy for Hazel and her disdain towards ghost crabs.

OutDaughtered Hazel Busby upset
Instagram Danielle Busby

What do you think about Hazel Busby being upset about ghost crabs? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more OutDaughtered news.

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