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‘My Hero Academia‘ Season 5, Episode 19: Release Date, Spoilers

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My Hero Academia fans should be on the lookout for the release of Season 5, Episode 19. Based on a Japanese manga series, there’s sure to be plenty to look forward to. Keep reading to find out more about My Hero Academia and the release date for Season 5, Episode 19.

What’s been going on up until now?

For anime lovers just tuning in, My Hero Academia is about a boy named Izuku Midoriya. He lives in a world where 80% of the people of Quirks (superpowers). However, Izuku is ordinary. That is until All Might, a hero, chooses him as his successor for the One For All Quirk.

A lot has been going on in earlier Season 5 episodes of My Hero Academia. For example, Season 5, Episode 14 leaves off with some implications that Hawks kills Best Jeanist. After that, Izuku, Bakugou, and Shouto start an internship. Excitingly, while they’re there, they see their employer take down a villain with ease. Unfortunately, their mentor, Endeavour, only wants to train his son, Shouto.

All the while, the No. 1 Hero in the world later deciphers a code from Hawks. Consequently, this information reveals the identity of the next enemy. The next enemy is the Liberation Army.

Fast forward to My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 18. The Cinemaholic summarizes the episode as follows. Fuyumi and Shouto share details about the “complicated history of the Todoroki family” with Midoriya and Bakugou. Ending captures Natsuo. It seems like that happens because Ending is “a deranged villain who wants Endeavor to kill him.” Interestingly enough, Endeavor is “too conflicted” to save his son. However, Izuku, Bakugou, and Shouto are up to the challenge.

My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 19 SPOILERS ahead

Other spoilers include the fact that the “Endeavor Agency Arc” ends in Episode 18. Consequently, Episode 19 marks the start of the “Paranormal Liberation War Arc.”  It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out in the movie, My Hero Academia: World Heroes, since fans are already upset that the arcs are rearranged.

My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 19 is titled ‘More of a Hero Than Anyone.” Fans can expect to see the new episode on ytv and NTV on Monday, August 7. Funimation provides streaming of the series with Japanese audio and English subtitles the same day that the episode airs in Japan. Also, episodes are available for streaming on Hulu.

What do you think about what Season 5, Episode 19 of My Hero Academia has in store? Are you going to stream the new episode when it becomes available? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more anime news.

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