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‘Love Island USA’: Hawaiian Residents Disrupted By Production

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Love Island USA Season 3 takes place in Hawaii this year. It’s back to living up to its name after the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year, the dating series took place in Las Vegas. The first season debuted in Fiji. The reality show gets to film in gorgeous locations, even if the conditions are not ideal.

Fans noticed it rains a lot in Ninole, Hawaii. However, there’s another side that they don’t see with the show. On the other side of the villa is actual residents who are dealing with the devastating effects of when production takes over their neighborhood. Some of them shared their side of their story.

Love Island USA Season 3 is hurting Hawaiians

The neighbors of Ninole, Hawaii are upset with CBS producers. They are upset over the production of the reality show. Love Island USA Season 3 started in early July. It follows a group of good-looking singles who are looking to find love while sequestered in a villa for several weeks.

The series has become one of the most popular shows on CBS. It’s also one of the largest TV productions ever made in Hawaii. While it attracts millions of viewers, the neighbors of the villa are less than impressed. They’re hoping that CBS will wrap up its show soon.

“We are surrounded by ‘Love Island,'” resident Michelle Betz told The Hawaii Tribune-Herald.

She lives between two of the filming locations: the Waterfalling Estate in the northside, which is also known as the villa, and the private property in the southside where islanders take part in weekly challenges. Betz and her neighbors hear most of the action take place about 100 yards from their houses.

They can’t enjoy any peace and quiet. They’re constantly seeing the bright neon lights and the cheers of the contestants. Not to mention, there are cars and helicopters that constantly pass by the properties. Betz says that she and her husband, Paul Beighley, have a lot of stress as a result.

Beighley works as a psychiatrist and medical director for the Department of Health’s Adult Mental Services on the Big Island. The couple cannot sleep due to the ongoing production. The filming and noise make their dogs distressed. Beighley took time out due to the noise and lack of sleep.

Reality dating show causing distress for Ninole residents

The increased traffic in their neighborhood from the non-stop filming has “beaten our road to death.” Retired psychologist Thomas Bearden lives next to one of the Love Island USA filming locations known as the Royal Palm Estate. It’s the very place that hosted the show’s Casa Amor, an additional villa that tests relationships. Bearden says the trucks will drive early in the morning into late at night.

Most of the residents have lost sleep due to the noise alone from the infamous Casa Amor. CBS production never warned them of their filming schedule. Some of them submitted complaints to Film Commissioner Donne Dawson.

“We’re working with the property owners, and we’re very responsive to their concerns,” Dawson told the Tribune-Herald. “But we are in the midst of that process, and it hasn’t all been resolved.”

The residents aren’t looking for money. They simply want an apology and hope producers won’t return to this area again. As of right now, the Love Island USA Season 3 ending airs Sunday, August 15. Hopefully, the residents of Ninole can enjoy some much-needed peace and rest once filming is over.

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