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Jason Tartick Reveals Embarrassing Fact On TikTok

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Jason Tartick had to admit something embarrassing on his TikTok recently. Fans know his fiance Kaitlyn Bristowe co-hosts The Bachelorette with Tayshia Adams. He’s come to her defense when fans have chastised their abilities and called for Chris Harrison to return.  A lot of fans have been supportive and like the female hosts.

He took to TikTok to let fans know something important. That is that he knows absolutely nothing. Using a song that continuously says, “I don’t know,” he answered burning questions about the show. Captioning the video, “when your fiancee co-hosts ABC The Bachelorette.” Fans thought they were going to get some exclusive tea, but the surprise was on them.

What Questions Did Jason Tartick Answer?

Jason Tartick admitted to knowing nothing about the Bachelor world. At least that’s what he wants fans to think. The questions were, “who wins,” and “who is the next Bachelor.” Other questions about Kaitlyn asked if she will host again and if she is like a producer as well.

Jason tweets along with the show and is obviously a huge fan. There’s no way he doesn’t have a favorite. For example, after the single dad’s emotional exit, Jason tweeted, “If Disney doesn’t buy Michael A and his son a trip to Disney World immediately, I’ll start a go fund me tonight.”

He’s also a fan of contestant Connor. Jason said, “Connor’s a beaut get this guy paradise redemption.” Kaitlyn and Jason went on a double date with Connor and Katie, hilariously spying on their alone time. Sadly, Katie didn’t think she could, “get there,” with Connor and sent him home. Fans agreed with Jason and are looking forward to seeing the deep-v-loving Connor in Paradise.

The Men Tell All paused for Jason to come out and show a video of when he asked Kaitlyn to marry him. Fans loved it. One tweeted, “I wish the entire #MenTellAll was just about Kaitlyn and Jason getting engaged.”

Jason Tartick, Instagram

Did Fans Buy He Doesn’t Know Anything?

It’s no surprise Jason Tartick didn’t have any hot gossip to deliver. As we reported when he visited Katie Thurston’s Bachelorette set, all he talked about seeing was the chemistry between Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn as co-hosts. Some fans aren’t buying it though. One said, “no Chance you don’t know who Katie ended up with. That would be impossible to keep that secret from her fiance.” Zachary Reality said, “you must know something!”

Jason has over one hundred thousand followers on TikTok. Most of his posts are about his podcast Trading Secrets. He also shares videos of Kaitlyn and their dogs. Do you think Jason is just pretending not to know anything? Comment with your thoughts down below.


When you fiancée co-hosts ABC The Bachelorette #idk

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