Savannah Chrisley Has A BIG Question About Showering & Storms

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Savannah Chrisley had a random thought when she got back from vacation. She wanted to know everyone’s opinions on it stemming from the experience in their childhood. Summer in the south brings big thunderstorms. One welcomed Savannah when she returned home. This brought up something she’d believed since she was a little girl and she wanted to know what her fans thought as well.

Savannah often asks her fans’ opinions on everything from her look to her family. The survey tool came in handy for this question. She said since she was little her family told Savannah Chrisley showering during a thunderstorm is a no-go. Savannah’s parents told her if she bathed or showered during a storm, she’d be electrocuted. She said it’s something she believes even as an adult.

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What Did Savannah Chrisley Find Surveying Her Fans?

Savannah Chrisley’s showering inquiry had a big response to the question and it seems she isn’t alone.  She posted back in Nashville in a car wearing a ballcap. You can see the wind blowing hard behind her. Savannah said it’s “probably the worst storm she’s seen since the tornado hit.”  Electrocution is a real possibility in the shower according to seventy percent of her surveyed fans. The other thirty percent think it’s a myth.

It makes sense why parents warn their children of the danger. Their parents also told them the same thing. Water carries an electrical current according to and every science teacher throughout school. That’s why when it is conducting through pipes of water it can be twice as dangerous.

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What Do The Experts Say?

Savannah Chrisley’s showering fears aren’t far off from the truth. The CDC website says it isn’t safe to take a shower or a bath during a lightning storm. On their FAQ page, it says, “lightning can travel through plumbing. Do not shower, bathe, wash dishes, or wash your hands.” They even go so far as to tell you to avoid water all together anywhere in the house during a storm.

You should avoid the shower if you already hear thunder. You also should wait at least half an hour after the storm to jump in as well. Fans will see a lot more of Savannah and her brother Chase Chrisley on August 12th. Growing Up Chrisley is coming back to USA and as Savannah says, “our Nashville looks a lot different than our parent’s Nashville.” This season appears to be centered around the siblings’ relationships.

What are your thoughts about showering during a storm? Do you chance it, or do you wait it out? Are you excited for the new season to start? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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