aunt kiki and uncle dale mills sizzle in bathing suit, bikini snap

Aunt KiKi & Uncle Dale Mills Sizzle In Bathing Suit, Bikini Snap

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While Outdaughtered star Dale “Uncle Dale” Mills is thought of as the trickster of the clan, it appears he was hiding a hunk behind his clothes all this time. Likewise, someone who goes by the name Aunt Kiki might not sound like a smoke show, but it turns out she was hiding a serious hotty body as well.

The pair recently put their hot bods on display in a new Instagram profile video that showed Uncle Dale in a swimsuit and Aunt Kiki in her bikini. Both reality television stars were showing off the side effects of some serious workouts and toning.

Unsurprisingly, the pair appeared to be very happy with their look. They looked quite comfortable in their own skins as well. Finally, the Outdaughtered stars looked plenty happy to be hanging out with one another.

The Aunt Kiki biniki shot, alongside Uncle Dale’s swimsuit pic was posted the Busby children’s uncle. He captioned the photo “love spending time with my Kiki.” and showed the pair smiling into the camera while out catching some sunny rays.

Because the pic was posted in a way that fans aren’t able to comment, we didn’t get to see what reactions from Dale’s fans are. It’s a safe bet that the Aunt Kiki bikini shot had eyes popping out of their heads, especially.

Aunt Kiki Bikini Shot Shines

Uncle Dale might have been outshone by Aunt Kiki but it was clear both Outdaughtered stars are taking a renewed interest in how they look on the television screen. Their hard work and dedication to putting together those kinds of physiques aren’t usually shown on the show.

That’s one of the reasons this peek behind the scenes was so special. Uncle Dale especially likes to play up his goofy side. He doesn’t show off a shirtless mound of muscle on the show.

aunt kiki bikini
Credit: Dale Mills/Instagram

This isn’t the first time he’s shown off his build. It’s also not the first time he’s given fans an Aunt Kiki bikini peek. But this is a relatively new thing. Just a few weeks ago was the first shot in a long time. That was similar to this new one. It showed the happy couple once again hanging out in their swimwear.

Uncle Dale The Goof Ball

While Mills’ fans were likely happy to see him smiling in the sun, it was definitely a different look.

The beloved Busby uncle tends to make appearances on the show and social media as a goof. He enjoys having fun with his family and playing pranks on them often. Sometimes those pranks are rather obvious. Sometimes, he hides them better than not. What is clear is that it’s good to see Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki looking good and feeling good.

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