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Farrah Abraham Flashes Bare Booty, Gets Candid About Plastic Surgery

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Farrah Abraham showed off her new booty on Instagram. The Teen Mom loves going to the plastic surgeon’s office for regular treatments. Instead of going under the knife, she gets a quick fix here and there. Farrah has always been open about her love for cosmetic surgery.

She recently visited the doctor for booty injections. The reality star shared a clip of herself bare from the waist down. Her booty was out in full view. She is getting regular butt injections to correct a little bit of cellulite that’s on her bottom.

The MTV alum shared the process with her 2.8 million fans.

Farrah Abraham gets booty injections

The former reality star took to Instagram to share the process which made some repulsed. A doctor injected a needle that contains artificial fat into her perky butt. Farrah Abraham lied on her back as he injected the areas that have cellulite. She wore a denim mini-dress which she gladly pulled up to show off her new booty.

“CELEB BOOTY GOD!” Farrah captioned the video.

The doctor continued to inject her behind to “fill in” any necessary areas. He has her stand up as she continues to receive the treatment. Farrah also dances around and shows off her ample booty. Fans flocked to her Instagram post to commend her for being honest about her plastic surgery procedures.

“Gotta respect the honesty. If there’s something you don’t like about your body, change it. Whichever way you choose. You get only one life, LIVE IT!”

“It’s official Farrah Abraham is gorgeous from head to toe. Happy weekend sexy.”

“Love how you’re so transparent!!!”

However, some weren’t happy about Farrah’s video. They attacked her fake friend. Others noticed think that she overdoes it with her procedures. The rest of the fans were in shock over her big ole butt.

Teen Mom has a Botox Q&A with her daughter

Farrah Abraham last made controversy when she shared a video of herself with her daughter, Sophia Abraham. The two were at the plastic surgeon’s office. Farrah wanted to host a live Q&A in which fans would ask questions about Botox injections. Some felt that the reality star shouldn’t normalize plastic surgery with her young daughter.

“What is the point of all of this? Does your 12-year-old daughter really want to see some woman inject her armpit with her mom, or do you think a 12-year-old in summer would want to be with friends, swimming, enjoying?” one fan asked.

“Bad example as a mother.. Sophia is going to be messed up,” another added.

What are your thoughts on Farrah’s love for plastic surgery? Do you think she takes it way too far? Sound off below in the comments.

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