Run-In With ‘Friends’ Star SHOCKED Tyler Cameron & Here’s Why

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Tyler Cameron’s new book is out and he’s making the rounds on a press tour. One thing he included in the autobiography was the proposal he’d written for Hannah Brown if he’d been the recipient of the final rose. A passage from the proposal read, “I can say with all honesty, our relationship has been the most real thing I’ve ever had in my life. I always had an idea about the man I wanted to be and I knew I’d get there. I just didn’t know how. Then I met you.”

Things didn’t work out for the two of them and they’ve both moved on with other people. The proposal caused lots of fans to swoon. It was a well-known Hollywood star, however, that made Mr. Cameron swoon when he ran into her at the People’s Choice Awards. He detailed the encounter for E-News.

The A-List Celebrity Shocked Tyler Cameron

The famous Friends star who shocked Tyler Cameron was none other than Jennifer Aniston. According to E-News, Tyler said, she asked how he was doing. Surprised she was even talking to him, he was starstruck. He thought to himself, “Jennifer Aniston knows who I am, I can quit now.”

Tyler shared he immediately went to the table and told his mother that she knew who he was. He had a moment of surrealism where he really thought, “I’ve made it.” He found a huge fan base after the show, women love him. His bromance with Matt James just adds to their love.

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The Model Felt He Got Praise For The Bare Minimum

Tyler Cameron said he felt like something was wrong with the world because he got praise for doing the bare minimum. He said the reason he wrote the book was that people called him a “feminist icon,” for respecting Hannah not wanting to have sex in the fantasy suite. He’s grateful for the show and shared it changed him in a lot of ways. Tyler said, “I think prior to going on the show, I had to kind of grow up and become a man.”

He said after the show, people thought he was more of a goody-goody, because of the way he’d been portrayed. Cameron said, “now I just do what I want to do.”

Another part from the proposal according to US Weekly said, “I know you had a label on me from the beginning, but these are the only labels I want: husband, best friend, lover, protector, father to our children.” Here’s hoping he can be those things and more for Camila Kendra who he says is, “the most beautiful girl in the world.”

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