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Todd Chrisley Calls Chase ‘Stupid F*ck’ In Rare Outburst – Hear The Shocking Footage

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Todd Chrisley went on an expletive-filled rant against his son, Chase Chrisley. What did the Growing Up Chrisley star do to earn such an outburst? If you know the Chrisleys, you may have already guessed, it was during Todd and Chase’s never-ending prank war. But still, fans were taken aback by Todd’s foul language. 

Chrisley Knows Pranks?

Instead of Chrisley Knows Best, perhaps the USA Network show should change its name to Chrisley Knows Pranks. Chrisley Pranks Best? Todd Chrisley LOVES playing pranks on each member of his family. And the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree in that regard. 

Chase Chrisley pulls some hilarious pranks on his family. In the clip below from the Chrisley Knows Best YouTube channel, Chase pranks his mom, Julie. Like father, like son!

Todd Chrisley Calls Chase a ‘Stupid F*ck’ In Rare Outburst

Todd Chrisley may love to pull a good prank, but he does not like it when the shoe is on the other foot. Chase and Todd are currently involved in an epic prank war that’s been playing out on social media. Each prank ups the stakes but Chase’s latest joke may have gone too far for his dad. 

Credit: Todd Chrisley/Instagram
Credit: Todd Chrisley/Instagram

Chase chose a dark night on a boat for his prank. Nanny Faye sits between Todd and Chase, making her an unintentional victim to Chase’s prank. Good thing her grandson just took her out for a sweet treat!

When Todd’s otherwise occupied, Chase drops a snake on his lap. Of course, it’s a fake snake, but Todd’s reaction is both very real and priceless. He flips out on his son, calling Chase a “stupid f*ck.” When both Nanny Faye and Chase erupt into laughter, Todd screams, “It’s not f*cking funny.”

Oh, but it is. Just ask Chase’s 1.2 million Instagram followers. Even his brother, Kyle, sees the humor in the prank. 

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Fans SHOCKED By Chrisley Knows Best Patriarch’s Language

While fans were amused by the prank, they were also shocked by Todd’s language. The Chrisley Knows Best star usually doesn’t use such colorful language. Many people left comments on Chase’s video calling Todd Chrisley out for his expletive-laden outburst. 

  • joanie0510 OMG I have never heard your dad curse like that
  • mszszmonica I know he was really really scared!!! I hate that I’m laughing tho lol;
  • verynice2003 Omg to hear him curse makes it extra funny😂 we love watching you guys.
  • terwilligernikki I would have never imagined him saying those words 😮😂

Wait – What Was Prank ‘Payback’ For? See Todd’s Original Prank 

In Chase’s post, he asks his followers if they remember Todd dousing him in cold water. If you missed the original prank, Todd leans over a balcony and dumps a bucket of cold water on chase. Check out that hilarious clip below: 

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Does it surprise you that Todd Chrisley called his son a “stupid f*ck” or is it all in good fun? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Chrisley Knows Best returns to the USA network on Thursday, August 12. The new season will surely include Todd and Chase’s never-ending prank war. 

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