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Savannah Chrisley ROASTED For Being Spoiled & Privileged

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Savannah Chrisley took to Instagram yesterday with a thoughtful post about not trying to live a “half lived” life. The post featured a gorgeous snap of Todd Chrisley’s daughter as she promised herself to live a full life. For those who could see past the toned sun-kissed leggy display, Savannah’s words really resonated with her followers. Unfortunately, there are always a few trolls in the batch. One follower shut down Savannah’s real talk and roasted her for being spoiled and privileged.

Savannah Chrisley Instagram
Savannah Chrisley Instagram

Scorned follower roasts Savannah Chrisley for living a ‘no limit’ lifestyle

One scorned follower noted it had to be easy for someone who never really had to struggle for things (financially) to talk about living a full life.

“It was good to be raised in a no limits household huh.” The spiteful follower penned as they blasted Savannah’s thoughtful words. The comment accumulated just shy of a dozen likes. So, there were a few followers who shared this train of thought. Unsurprisingly, the aggressive comment caused a bit of a feud in the replies.

A fan of Savannah Chrisley and her family noted Savannah was raised by her mother and father to have both morals and manners. Another individual disagreed and asked if the previous commenter ever bothered to watch the show.

The individual fired back: “Have you watched the show at all? During their teenage years, her and Chase were lying, scheming, and sneaking out and taking the cars weekly. In the words of Chase, ‘Me and Savannah stole every car Todd ever had from the Prius to the Jaguar!'”

Chrisley Knows Best - Savannah Chrisley Instagram
Chrisley Knows Best – Savannah Chrisley Instagram

Chase Chrisley recently got dragged for being spoiled too

We reported on Savannah’s brother Chase Chrisley being eight months sober and a homeowner yesterday. This news was revealed during the Chrisley Confessions podcast. Most fans admitted they had no idea Chase was even struggling with addiction issues. In response to the news, however, some fans admit they have mixed feelings. In the comments on the bottom of the news, a few fans admit they have a hard time celebrating Chase becoming a homeowner. They note it is a little unrealistic for someone to be eight months sober and purchase a home. Especially for someone as young as Chase Chrisley.

There is no denying that fans love the Chrisley family. But, they believe Chase and Savannah Chrisley are a bit spoiled by the success of their father.

Is Savannah Chrisley spoiled and privileged? Do you think Chase Chrisley was lucky to buy a house just eight months sober? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Chrisley family.

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