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Meri Brown RIDICULED, Sparking FALSE Rumors For Attention

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Sister Wives fans are FED UP with Meri Brown. According to Screen Rant, the fan-favorite is being RIDICULED for her constant string of cryptic memes on her Instagram Stories. A large chunk of the time the cryptic messages spark some sort of rumor related to her relationship with her husband Kody (or lack of a relationship). And, a lot of Sister Wives fans are OVER IT. In fact, many believe Meri Brown continues to do it simply to stay relevant because she craves attention.

Meri Brown Instagram
Meri Brown Instagram

Intentionally stirring the pot? Sister Wives fans blast Meri Brown

The TLC personality has a cryptic string of memes on her Instagram Stories a few times a week. They tend to come in waves. These cryptic messages are always picked apart in fan groups. Media outlets also tend to take a stab at what they say and what they might mean.

Most of the time, they are connected to her relationship with Kody. Fans suspect Meri Brown is just trying to stay relevant to keep the chatter going to support a new season. Technically, Meri Brown isn’t the only wife of Kody being accused of this. Fans also believe Robyn Brown has been doing her part to keep their story interesting enough for a new season.

Meri Brown Instagram Quotes
Meri Brown Instagram Quotes

Robyn Brown’s rumored pregnancy and Meri’s drama might save the series

Robyn Brown is rumored to be pregnant with Kody Brown’s 19th child. As we previously reported, some fans speculate this is just the type of thing this family needed to stay relevant enough to renew the series for another season. Others speculated this was just Robyn’s way of keeping her hooks in Kody. After all, Robyn Brown definitely made it seem like she didn’t even want to get pregnant again last season.

Pregnant Robyn Brown Popping Out Baby To Save ‘Sister Wives’?!

Now, some fans have also pointed out rumors swirled Robyn Brown was pregnant on the heels of the premiere of the last season of Sister Wives. So, it is possible this is just a rumor that gets sparked to hype up a new season. Fans, however, can’t help thinking Meri Brown’s string of cryptic messages sparking rumors about her own relationship with Kody are doing the very same thing.

Do you think Meri Brown intends to spark rumors every time she shares a meme on Instagram? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the TLC personality.


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