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‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Admits To “Stalking”?

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Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has been living her best RV life this summer. After her Flagstaff rental was sold, Kody’s second decided it was time for an adventure. Furthermore, it was time for someone to utilize the Coyote Pass land the Browns purchased in 2018. Since she parked the RV on CP, Janelle has been documenting her experience, including the ups and downs. Lately, she has been on a “stalking” mission- and is not afraid to admit it.

Life In The RV For The Sister Wives Star

Sister Wives Credit: Strive by Janelle Facebook
Credit: Strive by Janelle Facebook

All four of Kody’s wives aimed to rent upon moving to Flagstaff. Especially since they had yet to sell their four Las Vegas homes. Both Robyn and Christine ultimately purchased their homes. Yet, Meri and Janelle found rentals they really liked. Sadly, no one was building on the Coyote Pass property which drew the family to Flagstaff.

Kody initially wanted to build one plural-family home on the land. The wives refuted this idea, having grown to like their separate space. Unfortunately, this space caused friction and dissension amongst the four women, Kody included. It grew worse when COVID hit and Kody had to start sharing time between the homes.

Janelle was very assertive regarding Kody staying away during COVID. Two of her sons worked and one had an active social life. She wanted to keep the family as safe as possible but when Kody returned, she was over the moon. Then, her rental was sold and she had to do some quick thinking. Enter RV living.

Janelle’s RV Summer “Stalking”

She has truly made the most out of her RV adventure this summer. Janelle parked the RV on the Coyote Pass property. She has AC running but the monsoons have helped keep her cool. Janelle upgraded her battery and coffee maker. Now, she is taking in the raw sights every day as nature provides a beautiful canvas.

Today, she found herself stalking some prey as she took video of elk as they sauntered by Coyote Pass. She admits she needs to grab a high-quality camera over her phone. However, things move so fast around her, she likes to capture the moments as they occur. Followers were quick to comment on the beauty surrounding her.

Credit: Janelle Brown Instagram
Credit: Janelle Brown Instagram

“How nice to be able to see God’s creations and beauty! Blessed,” one commented. Another added: “What a blessing to wake up to such splendor. Thank you for sharing with us Janelle.” Janelle seems really happy so hopefully, fans can see this adventure pan out on the next season of Sister Wives.

Would you like to see the show return for another season? Let us know in the comments below!

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