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‘The Wine Show’ Preview With Matthew Rhys, James Purefoy, And Dominic West On Sundance Now


Actor Dominic West will join actor and host and actor James Purefoy for a wine trip in Portugal on the new season three of The Wine Show on Sundance Now. The series begins streaming this Thursday, July 29.

West is famously known for his standout roles as Detective Jimmy McNulty on the HBO series, The Wire, and Noah Solloway in The Affair for Showtime.

Purefoy is one of several hosts on The Wine Show, which includes Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys. In addition, Purefoy starred in HBO’s Rome and FOX’s The Following, among many notable roles.

About The Wine Show S3 premiere for Sundance Now

Polish up the wine glasses for another travelogue around the wonderful world of wine. The new season (three) of The Wine Show airs this Thursday, July 29, exclusively on Sundance Now.

This documentary series celebrates all things wine with actors Matthew Goode and James Purefoy. With their base in a Portuguese countryside villa, the wine lovers go on a journey to discover the stories and history behind the popular beverage as they travel to vineyards, meet the experts and sample some of the best locally produced wines.

Join Matthew Goode, Matthew Rhys, and James Purefoy, who welcome Dominic West, who resides with James at the season’s headquarters: the Quinta do Noval in the scenic Douro Valley in Portugal.

Goode and Purefoy will travel across Portugal to discover the country’s best ports and other wines, starting in Lisbon. Next, they discover the culinary link between Portugal and India thanks to the Portuguese Age of the Discoveries. While star sommelier Charlotte Wilde travels to the outer islands, The Azores, and answers the question: Who invented sparkling wine, including champagne?

Also, resident wine expert Amelia Singer heads across the USA, seeing how urban winemaking and hip-hop have found a voice in wine in California and New York. Finally, Fattorini visits Thailand and Germany. In one segment, Fattorini stops in Hungary, a country loaded with anecdotes about the health-giving properties of its wines, covering everything from beauty cream to bodybuilding.

Finally, Rhys and Fattorini lunch at restaurants throughout New York City, including Russ & Daughters, to pair wine with varied cuisines representing the city’s ethnic diversity. Their meal at Russ & Daughters includes a board of smoked fish and bread.

Also, Fattorini and Amelia Singer are challenged to create and lead a Wine Tour on the Island of Madeira with just one day to research and prep before their guests arrive. Do they sink or swim?

Season Three episodic breakdowns


Matthew Goode and James Purefoy’s next challenge takes them to the Douro Valley. Matthew
Rhys and Joe enjoy Mexican food and wines in NYC. Dominic West joins James to taste wines at the
beautiful HQ in the Douro Valley. In Hungary, Joe Fattorini explores the health-giving stories about its wines.


Matthew Goode and James Purefoy visit the cork harvest in the Alentejo. Dominic West joins James to taste wines at the beautiful HQ in the Douro Valley. In Thailand, Joe Fattorini gets his head and mouth around Thai foods and flavors, researching his wine list for a pop-up Thai restaurant back in London. Finally, in New York, Matthew Rhys and Joe pair dim sum and Chinese wine.


Matthew and James have to find Portugal’s link to Scandinavia and head to Aveiro, where they cook salt
cod. In New York, Matthew Rhys and Joe Fattorini enjoy an Irish Stew at Molly’s Shibeen on Manhattan’s
Lower East Side. Amelia Singer joins Joe to find out who really invented Champagne. Dominic West joins
James to taste wines at the HQ in the Douro Valley.


Matthew and James are in north Portugal – the region of Vinho Verde where they explore Portugal’s
historical relationship with the Catholic Church.  Joe Fattorini and Matthew Rhys head to Matthew’s favorite Italian restaurant in Brooklyn. And Joe finds out how Queen Victoria was the original influencer in Germany. Dominic West joins James to taste wines at the HQ in the Douro Valley.


Matthew and James research how women have helped shape the Douro wine business.
Joe Fattorini takes Matthew Rhys to a Portuguese restaurant in Queens. Next, Amelia Singer looks at how
urban winemaking and hip hop have found a voice with André Mack in wine in California and New York. Finally, Dominic West joins James to taste wines at the HQ in the Douro Valley.


Matthew Rhys and Joe Fattorini dine at a Portuguese Restaurant in New York City, from where we share unseen footage from Matthew Goode and James Purefoy’s road trip around Portugal. Then, Joe Fattorini and new wine expert Charlotte Wilde visit four of Portugal’s regions to explore each delicious episode’s food and wine.

The Wine Show (season three) premieres on Thursday, July 29, 2021, on Sundance NOW.

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