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Was Tammy Slaton TRYING To Kill Herself In Deleted Instagram Post?! 

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1000-Lb. Sisters fans blasted Tammy Slaton and accused her of trying to kill herself following her latest Instagram post. Late last night, Tammy Slaton took to Instagram to share a few disturbing photos of herself. Sometime between last night and very early this morning, the TLC personality must’ve regretted her decision because she swiftly deleted the photos just hours after putting them up. Unfortunately for Tammy, once you post something on the internet… You can never completely remove it. And, her Instagram followers were quick to remind her of this.

What disturbing photos did Tammy Slaton post on Instagram late last night? Did she really try to kill herself in these photos? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

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Fans blast Tammy Slaton for trying to kill herself

If you missed it, the TLC personality posted a few VERY disturbing photos late last night. The photos were blurry and dark, but they featured the 1000-Lb. Sisters star smoking. There was a pretty heated debate in the comments of her photos regarding exactly what she was smoking. Namely, they debated if it was marijuana or nicotine. The debate came up because some argued if she was smoking Mary Jane… It wasn’t that bad for her.

The debate continued as fans noted Tammy Slaton has been on oxygen for a pretty long time. Presently, it is unclear if she’s actually off oxygen as she tends to go back and forth with posting videos and pictures of herself both with and without her oxygen tubing. Regardless of if she’s still on oxygen or she just came off of it, most agree inhaling any type of smoke can’t be good for her right now. So, fans were quick to blast her for trying to kill herself by smoking.

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Tammy Slaton Instagram

Now, as those who follow her on TikTok, she frequently documents both smoking and drinking in her content. Unsurprisingly, the TLC star is constantly blasted on TikTok for further hindering her troubling health with these actions. Furthermore, if she is smoking marijuana… Some fans expressed concern for her being a person that really didn’t need munchies.

Deleted, but not forgotten

After deleting the disturbing Instagram post of her trying to kill herself, Tammy Slaton shared another set of photos on her profile instead. Instead, she tried posting a few selfies of herself. 1000-Lb. Sisters blasted her in the comments noting it was “too late.” They already saw the photos of her smoking. Likewise, many questioned why she was continuing to delete her Instagram photos.

One concern fan penned in the comments: “Clearly your smoking photos didn’t go over the way you thought they would. Every season we hope you’ll start caring about yourself but obviously, you’re trying even harder to kill yourself now that you’re smoking (i dont care if it’s a vape, cigarette or weed) you had covid, and we’re in oxygen…. Wtf would posses you to smoke?!”

OMG!!! Has Tammy Slaton Gained MORE Weight?!

“She’s acting like we didn’t see her smoking. im worried for her,” another chimed in.

A third added: “Girl we all saw that vaping photo come on now, still love you bae period in her reputation era.”

Do you agree with 1000-Lb. Sisters fans that Tammy Slaton is trying to kill herself? Did you see her disturbing photos before she deleted them? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC personality.


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