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‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Garrick Merrifield All Smiles Out With Dannielle’s Family

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Fans are still speculating if Seeking Sister Wife stars Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield are still together. Though Dannielle did her first Instagram live, there was not much she could reveal. She claimed it was not only for her family’s protection but for the show. TLC has yet to confirm a Season 4 of the hit reality series. However, Dannielle is hopeful viewers will continue to follow the Merrifield’s journey. She did say she deletes negative comments regarding her, Garrick, and Bert. Additionally, she would continue to do so even if she and Garrick were not together. The three have seemingly been living separate lives. Yet, Garrick spent some time with family over the weekend that raised some eyebrows about his status with Dannielle.

How Seeking Sister Wife Ended the Season

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Viewers left the Merrifields in Mexico. Garrick and Roberta decided to forego their Mexico wedding. Instead, they were going full speed ahead with babymaking. No, Bert’s K1 visa had not been approved but they did not care. This decision was extremely hard for Dannielle. She did not have much say in it at all. Furthermore, she worried if Bert got pregnant but her visa was denied, Garrick would be forced to move to Brazil.

Dannielle and Garrick have two sons together. It felt he was starting his own family away from the one he already had. On this Mexico adventure, the sons came. Also along for the ride were Dannielle’s parents, Scott and Luann. Luann was not comfortable with what Garrick was doing. She worried about her daughter. Scott wanted to remind Garrick why he was able to have a second wife- his daughter. In the end, Dannielle’s parents grew to like Bert and accept the lifestyle.

Because there was no tell-all, no one is quite sure what happened after the Mexico trip. Dannielle has seemingly been living her best life. Some speculation came out that she was seeing someone new. Garrick has been traveling all over. As for Bert, she has been relatively MIA on social media. The only thing concrete is that the Merrifields bought two acres of land to build on. They’ve also been seen out socializing but is that enough?

Garrick Spends Family Time

Over the weekend, Garrick posted photos hanging out with his in-laws. He has admitted once he entered polygamy, his relationship with his own parents faded. But Scott and Luann have always been by his side. He said he was out with the family and that he loved them. Unfortunately, he only has two comments as he limited posting. Therefore, no one can say anything good, bad, or indifferent about his weekend out.

Credit: Garrick Merrifield Instagram
Credit: Garrick Merrifield Instagram

It does not appear Dannielle is in the pictures. Then again, they are never photographed together or post on one another’s social media. The kids are there but still no sign of Bert. What do you think of Garrick hanging out with his in-laws? Is it all for show or a sign the couple is still trying to make it work?

Would you want Garrick, Dannielle, and Bert back for another season of Seeking Sister Wife? Let us know in the comments.


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