Lilah Roloff/Credit: Tori Roloff/Instagram

Tori Roloff Gives EXCITING Update On Lilah Ray’s Eye Condition

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What do you do when you’re at the eye doctor, waiting for your eyes to dilate? If you’re Tori Roloff, you jump on your Instagram Stories for a quick q-and-a with your fans. Tori Roloff wasn’t the patient. Little Lilah Roloff had an eye check-up. Keep reading to find out the latest update on the tyke’s eye problems. 

What’s Wrong With Lilah Roloff? 

As LPBW fans know, Lilah Roloff has strabismus. In lay terms, she’s cross-eyed. It’s an issue that has the best chance of correcting on its own if caught at a young age. Lilah will turn two-years-old in November. She finally started walking on her own. Click here to see an adorable video of some of her first steps.

For the last year, she’s been sporting the cutest pair of eyeglasses. But they aren’t for her vision. As Tori has said several times, the toddler has perfect vision. The glasses are to help the strabismus resolve itself. In addition to glasses, Lilah sometimes wears an eye patch.

Lilah Roloff/Credit: Tori Roloff/Instagram
Lilah Roloff/Credit: Tori Roloff/Instagram

Visits to the eye doctor are a regular thing for Lilah Roloff. So, rather than stress out, her mom took to her Instagram Stories to interact with fans while Lilah’s eyes dilated. 

Are All Little People Bald in Early Childhood? 

Many of the questions were about Lilah’s eyes. However, one fan asked about Lilah’s lack of hair. They wondered if difficulty growing hair is a problem for all little people. Like Tori’s husband, Zach Roloff, Lilah and her big brother Jackson both have dwarfism. 

Tori Roloff said that as far as she knows, no, childhood baldness is not a little person issue. Rather, she thinks it’s genetics. After all, she was bald for longer than typical as a child, too. Tori Roloff feels her children will grow “great hair” just a little later than other kids. 

Credit: Tori Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Tori Roloff/Instagram

Tori Roloff Gives Update After Lilah’s Eye Appointment 

After Lilah’s eye appointment was finished, Tori Roloff hopped back on her IG Stories to give her followers an update. She said that her daughter did great during the visit. Additionally, the verdict from the ophthalmologist was “all good.” Lilah did get new glasses and will continue with regular check-ups. 

However, whatever Tori and Zach are doing may be working. According to Tori, the eye doctor recommended that they “keep doing” what they’ve been doing for Lilah. That includes the glasses and eye patch. If Lilah keeps improving, she won’t need the minor surgery to correct the lazy eye. 

Credit: Tori Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Tori Roloff/Instagram

Tori Roloff also got candid about the difficult next few episodes on Little People, Big World. In the last episode, Tori and Zach delight their in-laws by telling them that Tori was pregnant. Sadly, she miscarried shortly after telling her family. The heartbreaking miscarriage will play out in the coming episodes. 

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays on TLC. 

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