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‘Love Island USA’: Shannon St. Clair’s Blast From The Past

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The drama on Love Island USA continues. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, fans are looking forward to the return of Casa Amor. They’re hoping that it will bring some much-needed drama to the reality show. Unfortunately, “Operation Heart Attack” didn’t provide the entertainment.

Most of the couples look comfortable with each other. One of the couples who have been together from the start is Shannon St. Clair and Josh Goldstein. According to the spoilers, Shannon will have a blast from the past that could shake up her relationship. Will she ruin their close bond?

Shannon’s friend is one of Casa Amor’s girls

New details have been revealed about Casa Amor. One of the girls will be Shannon St. Clair’s friend Genevieve Shawcross. Love Island USA fans can’t wait for this moment and it will premiere on Sunday. During this time, the boys and girls will split up into two different villas.

There, five new girls and five new boys will be waiting for them. They will test out their relationships during this time. Casa Amor is one of the best plot twists to come to the dating show. Fans hope that it will shake up some of the couples who have been together since the beginning.

Per Monsters & Critics, Genevieve is a good friend of Shannon’s. There have already been rumors that Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama dated before appearing on Love Island USA. Former islander Christian Longnecker has a feeling that the two knew each other. Fans think they’re trying to scam the show with their close-knit relationship.

Will and Kyra appear comfortable with each other. Even when they kiss, their lips find each other easily. There have been other rumors about the contestants on the show. For example, some claim that Korey Gandy already knew Florita Diaz. They found out that she’s friends with one of his ex-girlfriends.

Love Island USA teases Casa Amor

Earlier this week, Love Island USA took to its social media accounts to tease the return of Casa Amor. Fans are seeing what this could entail for Shannon and Josh, who they call a “hot mess” couple. The two have been arguing over the littlest things. For some reason, the challenges have messed up the flow of their relationship.

Shannon didn’t like it when Josh said that coitus is the most important thing in a relationship. She feels that it’s physical touch, which is completely different from intimacy. Josh explained that he only said that answer because he wants to make it clear to her that it’s important for them. He’s not demanding them to get it on every night of the week.

However, Shannon doesn’t feel too sure about Josh. She’s not sure where they stand in their relationship. Casa Amor could determine whether the couple is strong or not. Maybe Shannon’s friend will change Josh’s mind, even though he has a preference for blondes.

Love Island USA airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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