Michael C Hall in Season 9 of Dexter coming this fall

‘Dexter’ Revival: Release Date, Cast, What We Know So Far

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The long-awaited Season 9 of Showtime’s critically acclaimed series, Dexter is finally drawing near. Having seen a brief trailer for the revival of the series, fans cannot wait for the new season to drop. Basically, Season 9 will pick up 10 years after the end of Season 8, which last aired in 2013. The rebooted crime drama will continue the story of our favorite serial killer, Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall).

Season 9 of Dexter release date

It was towards the end of 2020 that Showtime announced that Dexter would return for one final season. Seasons 1 through 8 ran between 2006 and 2013, with 96 episodes. However, fans were never happy with the finale of Season 8 and have always wanted some closure.

John Cusack could star with Michael C. Hall in Season 9 of Dexter
Michael C. Hall to star in Season 9 of Dexter [Image @michael.c.hall_/Instagram]
They will finally be getting that closure pretty soon. Showtime hasn’t yet officially announced a release date for the new season. However, it will likely air in the fall of 2021, in either October or November. The season will then run for 10 episodes as a limited-series revival.

Who is starring in Season 9?

Naturally, Michael C. Hall will reprise his role as Dexter. On an interesting note, Hall will be joined by Jennifer Carpenter, who plays Debra Morgan, Dexter’s sister. Even though Debra died at the end of Season 8, it seems she will return in some form in the reboot. Whether she is revived from the dead or appears as a flashback, is unknown, but it will be good to see some old faces.

Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan on Dexter
Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan on Dexter [Image Watchmojo/YouTube]
As noted by Marca, of the newer faces in the revival, Clancy Brown will play the lead villain of the piece, Kurt Caldwell. Julia Jones plays Angela, the chief of police in Iron Lake, while Johnny Sequoyah will play her daughter. Actor David Magidoff plays the role of a cop called Teddy. Meanwhile, other cast members will include Jack Alcott, Oscar Wahlberg, Alano Miller and Jamie Chung.

What is Dexter Season 9 about?

A teaser trailer was recently released for Season 9 of Dexter, which revealed a cheerful character by the name of Jim Lindsay. Of course, this is our hero Dexter himself, in undercover mode. He is seen strolling through the small town of Iron Lake, being greeted by his neighbors. We get to hear his various nicknames, including, Jim, Jimbo, Jimmy and Mr. Lindsay and he looks just like your average neighbor.

Dexter Morgan is now Jim Lindsay in the reboot of Showtime's Dexter
Dexter Morgan is now Jim Lindsay in the reboot of Showtime’s Dexter [Image SHOWTIME/YouTube]
Hall’s character is now gainfully employed as a sales associate at Fred’s, a fish and game establishment. Judging from the trailer, he is liked and respected by everyone in town, but of course, we know him a little better. The trailer closed as “Jim” longingly surveys the sharp knives in the window of a shop along his way.

Hopefully, more trailers will drop for Season 9 in the run-up to the season’s start in the fall. Readers, are you excited to see the revival season of Dexter? Drop us a note below to let us know.

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