‘Wild West Chronicles’ Finale Exclusive: Artist Charles Russell Married Very Well


The great Western artist Charlie Russell is featured on the season finale for Wild West Chronicles on INSP. And if not for his savvy wife Nancy Cooper Russell, his art may have never achieved the collectible status it has today.

TV Shows Ace has an exclusive preview of the dramatized true story of Charlie Russell below, and in it, his wife Nancy is shown to be a formidable negotiator.

Charlie married Nancy Cooper back in 1896, and over time she filled the role of business manager. The clip is a dramatized version of the real events and people, and Nancy was well known to be astute in sales matters.

As Charlie gained national recognition, she accompanied him to New York and other locations where he learned more about his craft and how to find the buyers for his stunning art.

Their breakthrough success came in 1903 when the couple traveled to St. Louis to get an agreement in place to have Charlie’s paintings displayed at the World’s Fair the following year.

About Wild West Chronicles for INSP

In Wild West Chronicles, Bat Masterson, a renaissance man who wore many hats, from gunslinger to reporter and lawman, is our guide to these true Western stories dramatized.

Masterson turned in his sheriff’s badge for a pen and became a newspaper reporter. He used to chase bad hombres, but now he chases the truth and tells a mighty yarn, all based on real events.

INSP says: “On a quest to separate fact from fiction, Masterson traverses the country to uncover the true stories behind these incredible historical events. A bygone age of hardship and lawlessness is brought to life as eyewitnesses share their vivid memories of many of the most notorious characters of the Wild West.”

Settle in and watch history in a way that is both vivid and entertaining while learning something new.

About Charles Russell

“If both hands were cut off, I could learn to paint with my toes. It is not in my hands but heart what I want to paint.” – Charles M. Russell.

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1864, Russell was taken to Montana back in 1880. And at the age of 16, he tried his hand as a cowpuncher. He spent eleven years doing this as he sketched in his free time.

Until he fell in love with Nancy, Charles Marion “Charlie” Russell was described in various historical references as an aimless cowhand who enjoyed sitting in bars, going to Indian reservations and buffalo hunts, and painting what he saw.

His new bride, Nancy, helped him focus on monetizing his cowboy art, and soon enough, his work painting imagery of the Wild West was sought after by people far away.

Russell was adept at striking images of western life and perpetuating the romantic cowboy myth in western art. He was also a gifted storyteller, historian, writer, cowboy, and an advocate for the Northern Plains Indians.

He was a prodigious artist and counted more than 4,000 works of art during his lifetime in various mediums such as paint, bronze, ink, and wax.

Russell died on October 24, 1926, in Great Falls, Montana.

Tune in this Friday:

Wild West Chronicles Season One finale airs Friday, 7/23/21 at 9 PM mountain time only on INSP.

April Neale

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