Seeking Sister Wife Credit: Garrick Merrifield Instagram

Shirtless Garrick Merrifield Flaunts What He’s Got Amid The Hate

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Garrick Merrifield is one of the most disliked cast members in Seeking Sister Wife history. The comments that flowed in during and after Season 3 have been less than complimentary. However, Garrick seemingly does not care what others think. He is continuing to live his best life. The contractor celebrated without Dannielle in Las Vegas. Additionally, the father of two went on to showcase his buff physique on social media while at a job site. Followers must not have been impressed as comments have been limited. Is Garrick shameless or just all about Garrick?

Selfish Seeking Sister Wife Garrick Merrifield

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: Garrick Merrifield Instagram
Credit: Garrick Merrifield Instagram

When viewers first met Garrick Merrifield, he was questionable. His family was never into plural marriage until a few years prior to filming. That was when he heard a calling from God. Being very religious, he proposed polygamy to his wife of over a decade, Dannielle. She was not on board at first and admitted she needed to pray on it for a while. Finally, she agreed and they joined a polygamy dating site where they met Roberta from Brazil.

After talking for some time, they met up with her in Mexico, and on night two, Garrick proposed. Dannielle and Garrick soon filed for divorce so he could wed Bert and bring her to America. After the divorce was finalized, the couple returned to Mexico to spend more time with Bert. On night one, Bert invited Dannielle to stay in her and Garrick’s bed so she wouldn’t be lonely. Soon, Dannielle learned Bert and Garrick had been quickly intimate while she was grabbing her jammies. Garrick felt no shame over this, even smirking.

He showed more love and affection to Bert, even talking over Dannielle. Viewers could not stand how he labeled Dannielle his “large wife”‘ and Bert his “petite wife.” On the last night in Mexico, Garrick was crying over missing Bert when she was still there. Back home, he would not listen to any of Dannielle’s concerns. He did not care if she was jealous, saying God would deliver her from it. The final nail was when he and Bert decided to proceed with babymaking without consulting Dannielle. This further added to the viewer’s disdain.

Living His Best Garrick Life, Comments Limited

Garrick’s Instagram did not have any posts on it for a long time. Dannielle’s was set to private but when it went public, she had a few old posts of her and Garrick. Yet the rest have all been of their kids, her and the kids, or her living life. Recently, Garrick Merrifield started posting and it has basically been a lovefest for himself. His profile picture went from a basic photo to one of him as a cowboy. The first post to upload was of him in a hot tub, smoking a cigar and celebrating. Celebrating what, no one is sure of.

It appears he went on a summer road trip, again elusive as it does not say with who. Even in her first live, Dannielle slyly said even if she and Garrick were or weren’t together, she wanted respect. So, it’s all up to speculation on that front. Once he arrived home, it was back to work. However, he took the time to take a shirtless picture while his young sons stood by. Clearly, he is very proud of himself, no matter what people think. To avoid negative feedback, he limited comments to not allow anyone to post.

Credit: Garrick Merrifield Instagram
Credit: Garrick Merrifield Instagram

Viewers still do not like him. One follower posted this in a SSW Facebook group: “Garrick is sick.” Another added: “He was a bit of a dumb jerk.” Dannielle admitted to deleting some negative posts when it came to her family, including Garrick and Bert. Somehow, not all comments on her Instagram were erased: “Praying you got away from that man and Bert.” Finally, “girl, you gotta dump that fool.”

What are your thoughts on Garrick and do you want to see him return for another season of Seeking Sister Wife? Let us know!

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