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‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Garrick, Dannielle, & Bert Living Separate Lives

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The status of the Merrifield family is relatively unknown. Even more unknown is where they stand with their potential sister wife, Roberta. The Seeking Sister Wife finale ended with the Merrifields and Bert in Mexico. Dannielle’s two sons and parents joined. The sole purpose of the trip was to get Bert pregnant. So, what has happened since the season wrapped? This is what viewers know.

Life After Seeking Sister Wife

Credit: Dannielle Merrifield Instagram
Credit: Dannielle Merrifield Instagram

When the season ended, TLC did not do the typical tell-all. Therefore, it was up to fans to follow the cast on social media. Some also went live to keep viewers in the know. However, no one was really sure what happened with the Merrifields post-production. In the finale, Garrick did confirm Bert was one step closer to moving to America from Brazil. Of course, COVID was still running rampant, causing travel issues.

Yet, there were clues the family was looking to expand. It was revealed Garrick purchased two acres of land in April 2020. By August of the same year, Dannielle’s name was added to the deed. They had filed permits galore for a detached garage and a driveway. During all of this, rumors had spread Dannielle was seeing another man. Legally, she has no obligation to Garrick. The couple divorced on camera at the beginning of Season 3 so Garrick could marry Bert.

Eventually, a fan ran into the Merrifields on a night out and they were said to be extremely welcoming. It looked like they were all having a great time. Dannielle and Garrick posed for photos and were all smiles. Just the other day, Dannielle did her first live on Instagram and said she could not share much. She added it was not just for the show but for her family’s protection. It was very elusive so Backwoods Barbi hopped on the case.

Where Do The Merrifields Stand- and Where Is Bert?

Backwoods Barbi takes her investigating very seriously so she went through Dannielle’s live with a fine-toothed comb. She noted how Dannielle said “we” are in the process of moving. BB believed Dannielle was referring to just her and the two boys. Yet, the Merrifields did buy this huge acreage of land. It is completely plausible the family is finally moving there.

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: Garrick Merrifield
Credit: Garrick Merrifield

She also noted how Dannielle is always posting with her sons and never with Garrick. Same with Garrick. Apparently, his Instagram was filled with family photos and now it is just him, his travels, and work. If you have followed his IG journey, it was vacant for a while. He did not post anything and Dannielle’s was set to private. Now, he is living the good life, celebrating, and filling it up. But, BB had a valid point. Where is Bert in all of this?

The Brazilian sister wife has stayed all but silent since the show ended. She has no social media presence. BB believes if Bert showed herself, the puzzle could start coming together. Instead, it seems the three are all living separate lives. Garrick has been off partying in Las Vegas. Dannielle is focused on working out and spending true quality time with her boys. As for Bert- no one knows much about her or her whereabouts. Dannielle did note she is hopeful for another season of the series. She would love for everyone to follow along with their journey.

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  1. I feel really sorry for Danielle, she wasnt really up for another wife. I think he is horrible! I dont understand how he can say God told him to become a polygamous! How did he tell him? Sorry I just dont buy it.

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