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Brush Up On Brendan Morais Before ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

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Brendan Morais didn’t get the final rose on his season of The Bachelorette, but he’s going to try again on Bachelor in Paradise. Brendan filled out a Paradise Profile courtesy of the Bachelor Nation website and talked about his decision to go to the beach. He had two answers to the question, “What are you most excited about?” “I get to see Kenny’s body on the beach,” was the first.

Speaking of fellow contestant Kenny Braasch. His mention of a buddy is a reminder the men grew close on Tayshia’s season and love each other. His second answer, finding love, of course.

What Did Brendan Morias Learn?

Brendan Morais said he learned a big lesson on The Bachelorette. He said it was that “love can’t be forced or fabricated.”  It shouldn’t be hard, in his eyes. Morais shared some fun facts about himself. He said, “I’m very interested in serial killers and I am a roofah [sic].”

Morais also said he ate sushi a lot and modeled from time to time. “Packing my t-necks,” was the response to how he prepared for Paradise. He leaned into the fashion choice of wearing a lot of turtle necks while on the show. Morais says the best way a girl can get his attention on the beach is to just be nice. Ultimately, friendliness draws him in. Some of the women who will be there are Mari Pepin, Kelsey Weier, and Serena Pitt.

His Time On The Bachelorette

Brendan Morais seemed to be a front-runner on Tayshia Adam’s season because they had a lot in common. Like Tayshia, Brendan is a divorcee. He revealed he’d been frightened to tell her, but she got it. The two had a great connection and talked about how that felt. After a fantasy suite day date shopping for rings, he decided he wasn’t ready for love. Adams accepted his self-elimination with grace because she knew where he was coming from. She’d been there too.

Tayshia picked Zac Clark and Brendan packed his swim trunks for Paradise. According to Vulture, Brendan said, “It really breaks my heart because you deserve a man who is complete.” He told her she needed someone who healed from the past, and it wasn’t him. Things worked out for them both and she appreciated his honesty.

Brendan Morais, Instagram

Now the time has come for him to search for love on the beach. Rumor has it he may have made a love connection on the island. Fans will have to wait until it airs in August. Morais will be in good company because there will be several fan favorites from past seasons and some veterans. The show will look a bit different because the hosts will rotate.

What do you think of Brendan packing turtle necks for the beach? Is there a girl you’d like to see him with? Comment with your thoughts below. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more Bachelor in Paradise news. Don’t forget to tune in to ABC in August to watch Bachelor in Paradise.

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