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Ben & Jessa Seewald Reveal Baby’s Name, But What Does It Mean?

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Ben and Jessa Seewald’s fourth baby was born on Sunday, July 18. They announced their baby’s birth in a YouTube video Monday and uploaded a follow-up video on Tuesday as well. Slowly, they’ve been sharing the birth story and other details about the baby.

Part one of the birth video featured Jessa in labor at home. It ended when she and Ben arrived at the hospital. Then, part two included Jessa laboring at the hospital and giving birth. As part two ended, the couple’s other children were coming into the hospital room to meet the new baby. So, fans are looking forward to seeing the next part of the birth story. Jessa may upload it very soon.

In the second part of the birth story, Jessa and Ben shared the baby’s gender and name with the world. They chose the name Fern Elliana. Jessa and Ben haven’t offered an explanation for their baby’s name yet. Nonetheless, fans are curious about the meaning. So, what does Fern Elliana mean?

According to The Bump, “It is a name from nature of a green shade-loving plant.” Elliana means “sun ray.” The biblical meaning of Elliana is “my God has answered me.”

It’s possible that Ben and Jessa chose this middle name because of their previous miscarriage. Fern is their rainbow baby, which is a baby born after a loss.

Jessa Seewald Instagram

What are Ben & Jessa Seewald’s other kids’ names?

Ben and Jessa now have four little ones. Their eldest son is Spurgeon Elliot, and he was named after Charles Spurgeon, a preacher. Spurgeon means “little twig,” and Elliot means “The Lord is my God.” Spurgeon is five years old.

Henry Wilberforce, the couple’s second son, is four years old. The name Henry means “house ruler,” while Wilberforce means “ditch.” He’s specifically named after Matthew Henry, a Christian minister. Henry’s middle name comes from William Wilberforce, who was a “deeply religious man,” according to My Learning. 

The couple’s third child, Ivy Jane, is named after Lady Jane Gray. After her birth, Ben explained, “[W]ith her middle name, Jane, she’s actually named after Lady Jane Grey, who was a young lady who was Queen of England for a short time during the 1500s. She was a very inspirational character to us.” Ivy’s first name was selected because Ben and Jessa liked how it sounded. The name Ivy means “vine.”

Jessa Seewald Instagram
Jessa Seewald Instagram

So, what do you think of Ben and Jessa Seewald’s fourth baby’s name? Do you like the siblings’ names together? Let us know in the comments below.

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