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Who Will Be The Next ‘Bachelor’? One Contestant Reportedly Getting ‘The Bachelor’ Edit

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Every season during The Bachelorette, certain men start getting a certain kind of edit. Katie Thurston’s season is no different. This season, one man in particular is getting what is known as The Bachelor edit. Even spoiler guru Reality Steve thinks this man is on his way to being the next male lead. So, who is it? Keeping reading but be warned, Spoilers ahead! 

Which contestant on The Bachelorette is getting The Bachelor edit?

As stated above, even Reality Steve has mentioned that one man on Katie’s season is definitely getting The Bachelor edit. So, who is this lucky man? According to Steve, Michael Allio is getting The Bachelor edit. He mentioned it in his blog when discussing which man steps up to cause more drama further into the season.

Michael A. also has a huge following and women across the country swooning over him. Sounds like a pretty good Bachelor to choose. Basically, Michael A. would be Jason Mesnick part two. Remember, Jason won fans hearts as a single father years ago. Now, Michael A. is doing the exact same thing. He is widowed and raising their son on his own.

So, if Michael A. is getting The Bachelor edit he obviously does not leave the show with Katie. In fact, Steve said Michael self eliminates before allowing Katie to meet his family. Nobody is quite sure of specifics. However, Steve confirmed today that Michael A. is one of Katie’s final four. Fans will learn next week why he chooses to leave to be with his son. Perhaps he knows her connection is simply stronger with the other three men.

Katie Thurston Engaged
Katie Thurston Engaged via Instagram

Who is Michael Allio

Michael is a single dad to son James who is 4. He lost his wife to cancer a few years ago. It’s obvious his love for her was incredible and she will always be a part of him. He’s 36 and from Akron, Ohio. He considers himself an experienced entrepreneur and owns his own business.

According to his Bachelorette bio, Michael is looking for a woman who “is compassionate, empathetic, resilient and not easily offended.” He wants “A witty woman with a funny bone and a self-deprecating sense of humor is a huge turn-on for Michael, and he loves when a woman has strong convictions and stands up against ignorance.” After everything he went through with his late wife he knows life is short. He’s ready to find love again.

What do you think about Michael A. possibly becoming the next Bachelor?


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