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‘Love Island USA’: Aimee Flores Refuses To Give Her Cookie To Any Man

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Love Island USA fans want to know who’s the virgin in the villa. On Sunday night’s two-hour episode, the group had a ’90s throwback party. It wasn’t just a party since there was a challenge. During the game, islander Shannon St. Clair had to reveal some secrets about some of the islanders.

Fans know that Shannon loves to stir the pot. So, she was game for this challenge. She shared that one of the islanders is still a virgin. The islanders looked at each other in shock, wondering who it could be. Fans have a feeling it’s Aimee Flores after she teased something during her latest date.

Love Island USA guess who’s the virgin in the villa

Shannon would not reveal any more details. She also didn’t drop any hints about the islander. Still, fans wanted to know who it could be. Love Island USA fans took to Twitter to share their theories. Most fans think it’s Korey Gandy while others guessed Kyra Lizama.

Korey hasn’t had the most luck in the villa. From the beginning, he seems to strike it out with the women. Despite his muscles and tattoos, he has a teddy bear appearance. Korey’s lack of luck has fans wondering if he’s the virgin of the group.

[Credit: Love Island USA/Instagram]
[Credit: Love Island USA/Instagram]
There’s also speculation about whether Kyra is the virgin. She has a sweet and cute personality. The islander made it clear that she’s ready to settle down. The beauty will not settle for anything less. However, she made it clear in her introduction and in one of the challenges that she can never be sexually satisfied.

Still, that has fans thinking it’s her. They noticed her expression during the challenge. Some fans assumed that just because Kyra was smiling that she was keeping the secret. They also couldn’t help but notice how Will Moncada reacted to the truth bomb.

Is Aimee Flores a virgin?

Now, Love Island USA fans are convinced that Aimee Flores might be the virgin. Some of them even guessed it before her date with Wes Ogsbury. The Harvard alum made it clear that he had eyes for the dark-haired beauty. During their date, Aimee hinted that she doesn’t let just any guy taste her cookie. But she could just be talking about food since she works as a professional chef.

In her introduction, Aimee said she’s looking for a man who’s smart. She’s looking for more with someone than just good looks. She wants a man with substance that she can have intellectual conversations with. Wes is not only dreamy, but he also seems like the perfect man on paper.

[Credit: Love Island USA/Instagram]
[Credit: Love Island USA/Instagram]
He graduated from Harvard University in 2019. The two appear to hit it off on their date. With Aimee’s cookie comment, fans have a feeling she’s the one waiting to give her virginity away. Love Island USA airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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