Credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe/Instagram

Kaitlyn Bristowe Is ‘Lonely, Emotional’ & Here’s Why

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Kaitlyn Bristowe is deep in her feelings. She shared several vulnerable videos about how she’s feeling these days. Is the former Bachelorette okay? Why is she so upset? 

Jason Tartick Defends Fiance Against Haters

Kaitlyn Bristowe is at the front and center of Bachelor Nation again. She first gained attention as a contestant on Season 19 of The Bachelor. Kaitlyn didn’t find love with Chris Soules, but the network hand-picked her to lead the next season of The Bachelorette.

She did find love there with Shawn Booth, but it didn’t last. In 2018, sparks flew when Bachelorette Season 14 alum Jason Tartick appeared on Kaitlyn’s podcast. He proposed in May 2021. 

Credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe/Instagram
Credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe/Instagram

In March, ABC announced that Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams would step in to host Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette. Kaitlyn received a lot of hate from fans for, in their opinion, encroaching on Chris Harrison’s turf. 

The hate has only intensified once Season 17 started airing. Bachelor Nation viewers pick apart everything about Kaitlyn, especially her appearance. Jason recently spoke out against the “nasty comments” aimed at his fiance. He pointed out that no one criticized Chris Harrison’s appearance, per People magazine. 

Kaitlyn Bristowe is used to having Jason Tartick to lean on. She shared on her Instagram Stories how hard it is for her when he’s out of town. 

Credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe/Instagram
Credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe/Instagram

Kaitlyn Bristowe Breaks Down Over Missing Family

The Dancing With The Stars champ loves the opportunity to host The Bachelorette. However, such a prime gig doesn’t come with a downside. For one, she was unable to travel with Jason to spend time with his family. 

Credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe/Instagram
Credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe/Instagram

Furthermore, she hasn’t seen her own family in quite a while. As fans know, Kaitlyn is Canadian. While she lives and works in the U.S., her family is still in Canada. Due to the pandemic and work commitments, she hasn’t been home to visit. In an emotional series of videos, Kaitlyn reveals that it’s been two years since she’s visited her parents and other family in Canada. 

However, she does Facetime with her parents. It was partly Facetiming with her dad that got Kaitlyn so emotional. Additionally, she notes that Facetiming with her mom and nieces sent her over the edge. 

She posted several videos asking for movie or TV recs to help cheer her up. She said that her go-to is usually Family Guy, but now she finds the show “stupid. She’s also already watched Ted Lasso

Open Book About Mental Health Struggles 

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s raw vulnerability is nothing new. She’s open up about her anxiety and depression. She took a social media break earlier this year when her anxiety overwhelmed her. 

In addition to missing her family, she also misses her dogs, Ramen and Pinot. In fact, she revealed that some of her followers send her nasty messages about leaving the dogs to travel for work. 

Kaitlyn can’t help but wonder how the internet will treat her once she and Jason have kids. Will her followers harass her about leaving the kids when she has work commitments? She would prefer it if her followers were supportive instead of “accusatory. “

In her last video in the series, Kaitlyn decided to just call it a night and go to bed. Hopefully, she will wake up and feel a little bit better. 

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