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Wait, Why Isn’t ‘The Little Prince’ On Netflix?!

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Netflix subscribers recently noticed The Little Prince is not in the streaming library and they are wondering what happened to it. According to Netflix fansite What’s On Netflix, a subscriber reached out to the site via email to ask what happened to the adorable movie. Given that the movie was labeled with a Netflix branding in the trailers and promos related on social media… It makes sense why subscribers would be so confused.

Wait, why isn’t The Little Prince on Netflix?!

According to What’s On Netflix, picking up The Little Prince was a pretty big deal for the streaming giant. It was the streaming service’s first animated feature film. The movie, however, is not owned by Netflix and it never was. The film was released by Paramount Pictures.

It was in August of 2016 when this movie first hit the Netflix streaming library. The Little Prince was part of the Netflix U.S. platform for four years before exiting in November of 2020. It, however, returned toward the end of November before being removed again in May of this year (2021).

Why is something labeled as a Netflix Original coming and going? Well, to put it simply the film is NOT owned by Netflix. Yes, it was Netflix that picked up and exclusively released the movie. But, Netflix does not own permanent or indefinite rights to the movie. Paramount Pictures still owns the film technically. Netflix lost the license to stream it. So, the film left the streaming library.

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Could the streaming service pick the film back up?

If Netflix decided to pay to get the license to stream the movie again, the movie could be re-added to the streaming library. But, it is really a matter of how much it costs and if Netflix wants to go that route. Otherwise, Paramount Pictures could decide to add the movie to the Paramount+ streaming service instead.

Presently, the adorable movie can be streamed via Prime Video. But, Paramount+ makes the most sense as a permanent home for the movie.

There are still a few Netflix regions that still have access to the movie including United Kingdom, India, the Netherlands, and Mexico. Unfortunately, the chances of this movie returning to Netflix again are pretty slim.

Are you bummed The Little Prince is no longer available on Netflix? Do you understand the streaming service never actually owned this movie? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for the latest Netflix news.

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