Chrisley Knows Best Nanny Faye rib injury

Nanny Faye Chrisley ‘Alive & Well’ Following Serious Rib Injury

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The life of the Chrisley Knows Best party Nanny Faye, may have suffered a debilitating injury in the form of a serious rib injury. However, Savannah Chrisley shares a positive update on Nanny Faye and her prognosis. Keep reading to find how what is going on with Nanny Faye and her rib injury.

Do Chrisley Knows Best Nanny Faye’s shenanigans cause her to injure her ribs?

Chrisley Knows Best fans know that Nanny Faye likes to live on the wild side. In past episodes, fans see a lot of Nanny’s escapades and shenanigans. It seems like her son, Todd Chrisley, regularly tries to accompany her places or he’ll have Chase chaperone. Nicki Swift reminds fans that under Chase’s supervision, Nanny Faye escapes to go gamble. Additionally, she goes to a burlesque class.

Chrisley Knows Best Nanny Faye injures ribs
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However, shenanigans weren’t at play when Nanny Faye got a serious injury to her ribs. During a lengthy Instagram post, Savannah shares the details of how Nanny Faye injures herself. Savannah dishes all of this information while filming a “get ready with me” video for her cosmetics line, Sassy by Savannah.

How everyone’s favorite grandma got hurt

Nanny Faye fans can rest easy because Savannah assures them that her grandmother is “alive and well.” Surprisingly, the fall happened at home. Savannah seems to attribute it to the fact that Nanny likes to “act like she [is] very young and wants to be independent.” Next, Savannah details how Nanny Faye broke two of her ribs. “She, like, leaned over her sofa, and somehow broke to of her ribs. I have no earthly idea, y’all.”

Unfortunately, as Nicki Swift points out, Nanny Faye seems to have a knack for getting hurt at home. For this injury, Nanny blames Todd. She explains that Todd kept calling her and she had to rush to get up so he wouldn’t send the police. This results in her twisting her foot and having to wear and medical boot and walk with a cane.

While Nanny Faye’s rib injury sounds scary, hopefully, it won’t take too long for her to heal. Are you worried about Nanny Faye? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Chrisley Knows Best news.

Also, tune in to USA Network for the Season 9 premiere of Chrisley Knows Best on August 12th. Check your local listings, because Season 3 of Growing Up Chrisley should premiere afterward.

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