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Anna Duggar Engages In Shady Business To Keep Family Afloat

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As we previously reported, Anna Duggar is running into some financial issues amid her husband’s arrest. Reports suggest she’s distanced herself from her husband’s family and blames them for his issues. According to The Hollywood Gossip, it now appears as if Anna Duggar is engaging in shady business to keep her family afloat during this difficult time. What kind of shady business is she involved in? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

What shady business is Anna Duggar involved in?

Prior to getting arrested, Josh Duggar was the co-owner of a used car dealership. He shared ownership with his father. As far as fans knew, this was the only source of income Josh Duggar had to his name. Back in 2019, we know the used car dealership got raided by FBI agents. At the time, Duggar fans believed Josh Duggar had questionable hiring practices. Now, however, it has been confirmed to be linked to his child porn ring. The question is: what does this have to do with Anna Duggar? What shady business practices is she engaging in?

The used car dealership never opened back up after the raid. A paperwork trail, however, confirms Josh was pushed away from the family businesses prior to being arrested. This, however, isn’t too surprising. The Duggar family has always done a pretty good job of passing titles and businesses around the family tree to prevent legal issues. Turns out, Josh’s ownership of the used car dealership was transferred. It was transferred to his wife Anna Duggar prior to his arrest.

Anna Duggar Instagram
Anna Duggar Instagram

LLCs were inactive until after his arrest

The Hollywood Gossip reveals Reddit users have done some sleuthing on the Duggar family. And, they discovered Josh opened five different LLCs all in his wife Anna Duggar’s name between the years of 2019 and 2020. None of the LLCs were ever utilized. But, Anna was added as an agent just a month after her husband got arrested.

“I find it very suspicious that they didn’t use this LLC for anything until after Josh was arrested. So far, every LLC created by Anna was used right after to buy real estate.” One Reddit user penned.

Some Duggar followers note it is a loophole that will allow Josh and his family to continue to make money amid his current situation. Others, however, swooped in to point out it is a normal method of protecting assets and isn’t exactly considered shady.

Do you think Anna Duggar is just doing what she has to so she can keep her family afloat after her husband’s arrest? Do you feel sorry for her or do you think she made her bed and now she’s stuck with it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for the latest on the Duggar family.

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  1. Anna Duggar says she distanced herself from her husband. Obviously, not far enough. I understand that she’s expecting her seventh child? Always liked Anna, but WHO could have anything to do with any man that has sexually assaulted his sisters no matter what his age was at the time? How many of his children have been assaulted by him after all this time? Also why has the gov’t allowed him to be anywhere near any children, especially his own? He’s doing a great job of ruining his entire family. They are now being judged by what he has done. This is all wrong. Put him in jail for everyone’s safety and peace of mind. Just my opinion!!

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