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‘Love After Lockup’ Update: Daniel Valentine Divorced And Arrested?

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Daniel Valentine is not having the best 2021. The former Love After Lockup star started the year with his wife, Zanna filing for divorce. Now, he has been arrested for driving under the influence and a handful of more charges. Could the demise of his marriage caused him to go on a downward spiral?

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Credit: Daniel Valentine Instagram
Credit: Daniel Valentine Instagram

Viewers first got to know Daniel when he appeared in Season 2 of Love After Lockup with his girlfriend, Lizzy. The two first met when they were teenagers. He was working at a drive-thru window of a barbecue place when she came through. Unfortunately, the relationship only lasted a week because he was about to go to prison. Possession of narcotics bought him four years but Daniel and Lizzy chose to stay together.

Sadly, the couple did not see each other during his sentence but were reunited upon his release. They knew it would not be easy since he had addiction issues. However, they were determined to make it work. While in jail, Daniel told Lizzy he wanted to start a family with her. That did not prove to be true when he got out. Though they did get engaged, by the time the season wrapped, he was with another girl.

Lizzy reflected on her relationship with Daniel when followers would question not giving him another chance. She said how happy she once had been. Yet, within a year’s span, the same person who had made her happy had gone on to be with three other women. Ultimately, he ended up meeting Zanna and the two married on July 1, 2020. Did the marriage last or fizzle out?

Daniel’s Downward Spiral

Bad news came for the couple. As quickly as they fell in love, they fell apart. According to Starcasm, Zanna filed for divorce in February of this year. It looked like the two had reconciled when there was no activity after the filing. However, Daniel confirmed things were over with Zanna on a July 5th Instagram post. He shared a selfie then someone asked where he had been. Daniel responded: “jail and divorce.”

He went on to say, in a follow-up post, that he is not okay and he is not doing okay. Yet, he added he will eventually find his way again. Just two days prior, Daniel had been charged with driving under the influence, open containers, marijuana possession, and advertising drug paraphernalia for sale. Speeding was also an added charge. He posted $1900 and was on his way.

He is no longer on parole. Hopefully, he will find his way as he says in his Instagram post. New episodes of Love After Lockup air Friday nights on WEtv.

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