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Todd Chrisley Tells Chase & Savannah To ‘Go To Hell’ & ‘Don‘t Bother’ Him

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Todd Chrisley is constantly pranking his children. The whole family really likes messing with each other. The kids do get him back every once in a while. Todd recently said Chase can’t leave anyone alone in the shower. He shared a video scaring Chase awake on their guy’s trip. Todd went into his son’s room while he was sleeping and grabbed onto him as he yelled it was time to get up. Nic Kerdiles filmed the whole thing.

The show’s Instagram shared a reel of Chase and Savannah Chrisley pulling a prank on their father. The video is an older episode but still gets the laughs. Todd is driving in his car when he gets a phone call from his children with Savannah sporting a noticeably longer do. Fans loved reliving the laughs and many commented they watched it over and over again.

What Prank Got Pulled On Todd Chrisley?

Todd Chrisley answers the phone in his car and Chase and Savannah are already laughing quietly. One of the things Todd’s children love to tease him about is the fact he’s getting older. This video showed them going after him by acting like he’d lost his hearing.

First Chase says hello and then Savannah does. They repeat themselves as Todd yells back at them. They are being as quiet as possible while Todd yells, “what,” and, “Savannah.” Then Chase tells his dad he needs a hearing aid.

Todd hears that part fine and tells his kids to, “go to h*ll, if you don’t need anything, don’t bother me.” Chase and Savannah laugh at their father’s frustration. Todd dishes it out as often as he takes it. He’s a sarcastic father and it’s part of what Chrisley Knows Best fans love about the family. The relationship he has with his children on the show is a big draw for fans.

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What Did Fans Say About The Video?

Todd Chrisley and the family have a lot of fans who love reliving old memories right along with them. One said, “I’m dead. You [sic] n those beautiful kids be having me hollering… we need that in this world.” Another said, “everything Todd says makes me laugh, natural comic.”

One fellow parent commented, “I love you guys! Your kids act like my kids.” Another fan posted, “Chrisley family all of you are special. I get so much enjoyment from watching you on TV and Instagram.” No doubt the family still has lots of pranks up their sleeves to keep fans entertained. What do you think of the family that pranks together, do they stay together? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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