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HBO Max Rolls Out ‘FBoy Island’ Trailer with Nikki Glaser

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Summer is steamy and hot, a bit dry in places, and totally smoke-filled in others, so it’s the perfect time for climate-stressed people to see HBO Max’s new nonfiction series FBoy Island with comic Nikki Glaser. Hopefully, to take your mind off the sweltering reality with eye-candy galore.

FBoy Island’s trailer dropped today from HBO Max, and it reveals a sleuthing undertaking by three gorgeous women who claim to be ready for Mr. Right and Mr. Forever and leave the cads behind.

Except they have to sift through 24 men, half of which are not the marrying kind.

The FBoy Island trailer reveals the premise.

The trailer shows us the three single women who must field the handsome and fit 24 bachelors. Half of the guys are self-proclaimed “Nice Guys,” allegedly looking for love, and the other 12 men are dogs, the “FBoys” who are only doing this show for the bucks.

Comedian Nikki Glaser hosts the series. The female contestants are Nakia Renee, CJ Franco, and Sarah Emig.

Producers have cooked up specific challenges that will hopefully force a “tell” or show of hands as these men have to peg as either the “Nice Guy” or the dreaded “FBoy.”

Glaser welcomes the three women in the promo and says: “They look like angels, but they’re really the devil. Women have been forced to tolerate the manipulative, douchebaggery of FBoys for far too long. And that’s why we’re here. Welcome to FBoy Island.
Ladies, the three of you are hoping to find love in this tropical paradise.”

The women are interviewed and reveal that they are over the players. One says: “I’m at a point in my life where I’m ready for love.”

Glaser sets up the gauntlet, 12 are keepers, and 12 are finks.

The females note that they are “very intelligent women” who will “sniff out these trouble makers.’

The twist is there’s money on the line.  Everyone has a chance to win 100 thousand dollars. The FBoys have admitted to producers they’re doing this for the cold, hard cash.

About Nikki Glaser

Comic Nikki Glaser is known for cracking jokes about her sex life or appearing at roasts, and skewering the competition.

TV, podcast, and stand-up are where Glaser has made her mark. She recently appeared on the last Real Time with Bill Maher before his July hiatus and discussed cancel culture, her moving back in with her mom and dad during COVID, and her career.

FBoy Island was created by Elan Gale, with Sam Dean serving as showrunner.

FBoy Island starts streaming on July 29 only on HBO Max.

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