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‘Leverage’ Reboot: Why Didn’t Timothy Hutton Return As Nate Ford?

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The Leverage Reboot titled Leverage: Redemption recently dropped Part 1 into the IMDb streaming library that Amazon Video subscribers have free access to. As Amazon subscribers and anyone else with access to IMDb streaming library binge through the first eight episodes of the series reboot, they have one simple question… What happened to Timothy Hutton? Why didn’t Timothy Hutton return to the Leverage Reboot as Nate Ford?

Warning: This article may continue spoilers from the Leverage reboot. 

Nate Ford not returning made sense for the storyline

For those who watched all of the original Leverage, Timothy Hutton not reviving his role as Nate Ford makes sense. After all, he walked away from the team at the end of the series. Now, things get a little foggy because the trailer and promo images reveal Gina Bellman did return and revive her role as grifter Sophie Devereaux.

As those who watched the original Leverage will recall, Sophie and Nate left the team when the series concluded. Nate left Parker in charge with Eliot and Hardison by her side. So, Gina reviving her role as Sophie without Timothy reviving his role as Nate doesn’t make sense. The two left to be together. So, what happened that could allow the story to bring her back without him?

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Those who have seen the first episode of the reboot already know how the writers make the storyline work so Sophie can come back without Nate. Unfortunately, it isn’t a very happy one. In the first few minutes of the first episode of Leverage: Redemption we learn Nate Ford passed away. The details of his death are not revealed in this episode. But, as it progresses we learn he had been dead for roughly a year. Regrettably, it didn’t look as though Sophie had been able to move past his death.

The team comes together during the episode to celebrate the anniversary of Nate’s death. Mostly, it appears as if they come together to check on Sophie. They end up pulling one last job together. Slowly, it seems to be just the medicine she needs to heal and mourn the loss of Nate Ford.

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But, why didn’t Timothy Hutton return for the Leverage Reboot?

Now, you are probably wondering… What reason was there for Gina Bellman to return as Sophie while Timothy Hutton did not return as Nate Ford. Turns out, the actor wasn’t in a place where he could return to the show. So, the only way they could bring the rest of the cast together for a reboot was without him.

According to Screen Rant, Timothy Hutton has pretty severe criminal allegations against him right now. Last year, he was accused of raping Sera Johnston. The alleged rape reportedly occurred back in 1983 when the actress was just 14-years-old.

When speaking her truth last year, the actress explained she would have been a 14-year-old just starting in the acting industry accusing a famous actor of sexually assaulting her. She feared no one would believe her and it would have been the end of her career before it even really begun. Timothy Hutton denies her claims. But, the severity of the claims would not have made for good press for the reboot. So, it was in the best interest of the series for the actor NOT to revive his role as Nate Ford.

Nate Ford will NOT make an appearance in Leverage: Redemption 

Now, it goes without saying that Timothy Hutton will NOT make any appearances in the reboot as Nate Ford. The most effective way to guarantee that this actor could not return sometime later was to kill off the character. Considering the seriousness of the claims against him… The decision to cut ties with him and kill off the character certainly makes sense.

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The question is: Can the Leverage Reboot stand without Nate Ford leading the team? Can fans enjoy the reboot without Timothy Hutton’s character? You’ll have to stream part one of the reboot and answer that question yourself!

Have you had a chance to watch Part One of the Leverage Reboot just yet? Were you bummed Nate Ford did not return? Did you know about the actor’s history? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest news on Scripted TV.


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  1. Leverage Redemption without Timothy Hutton is somewhat empty and not as intriguing. All of the team members do well; however Nathan’s complex, intelligent character was the bedrock og the show.

  2. Nate’s story was overtold in the original Leverage. It wouldn’t have added anything for him to return and would have held the new series back by rehashing old overly done Nate material. From a narrative perspective alone, it’s good he’s officially gone.

    That said, even if it was bad for the narrative, I’d still support his exclusion. I’m glad that (at least some) studios are taking accusations like this seriously.

    1. regardless of Nate Ford not being in the reboot I am very pleased to see the show has come back. I’ve binge watched the first 8 episodes and I’m just worried Hardison isn’t fully back. Hardison was only in the first two episodes and then had to leave and go babysit shri Lanka. Hardison is just as important as Nate and needs to be back in the whole series.

  3. You’re glad some studios are taking accusations seriously? What? Innocent until proven guilty. Ruining someone’s career based on a 38 year old accusation is unacceptable. If he is found guilty of the rape charge, may he rot in prison, but until then this is ridiculous.

    Replacing Hutton with Noah Wyle is a significant downgrade.Wyle will add as much to Leverage as he did to Librarians, which was nothing.

    Hutton is no Hanks, but Wyle is no Hutton. The Nate role is going to crater this reboot.

  4. I think killing a man’s career for crimes committed is justified. Killing it for allegations is unAmerican. How appropriate will killing his character off be if we later find out he’s completely innocent? Victims should speak up and they should be heard but automatically believing the victim is a very dangerous place to go.

    1. I 100% agree. She cared more about her career than someone actually sexually assaulting her and how many 14 year olds would think like that? Her parents must have put that in her head

  5. As an activist who has been to MANY women’s rallies, I believe the complainant’s own words point to her as a liar. I have listened to hundreds of rape stories. Not a one was referred to as a “bad sex experience.”

  6. The show is great and I love seeing the relationships again. Harrison, Parker, and Elliot were my favorite parts of the show so see them going back and forth again is a true joy for me 🙂

    I don’t really understand how yall don’t understand why he was killed off passed on VERY SERIOUS allegations. Also, why would Sera lie about something like this? About Timothy, the leverage guy? The apologist in the comments are truly terrifying. “what if he’s innocent”…but what if he’s guilty for raping a 14 year old??? and you can’t say that it’s for attention because once again, who would lie about timothy? I truly hope the people and children in your lives have some who they can actually go to and talk to if something like this happens to them because they obviously won’t get any sympathy from yall

  7. “her truth”? It’s either the truth or it’s lies. There’s perspective but that’s not what you wrote.

  8. I am not defending Hutton but allegations from 1983 and the women tried to extort money from him. Since Hutton refused then it went public….. Allegations from 1983? Hutton needs to file a lawsuit if this is not true….. I did not like the new guy that replaced him…..

  9. How old was Hutton in 1983, when the alleged rape occurred? And what are the statue of limitations for the state of California for the alleged charges? Merely curious?

  10. Want to see Hutton back. He was exonerated. There is an ongoing investigation regarding extortion charges against the model. I would like to see equal treatment between the accused and the accuser. No one should have their life destroyed due to an accusation.

  11. The show seems empty without Nate. And reading here it appears that Hardison will also be missing. I’ve only watched one episode so far. Just not excited like I was with the original cast. I read toward the end that Hutton was cleared of all charges. Bring Nate back!!!

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