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Wait, Does Tammy Slaton Have Her Nephew Gage In A Dress?! 

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Tammy Slaton posted a photo of herself holding a baby on Instagram recently. Some fans were a little confused by the baby. Why? Well, because many just assumed the baby must be her sister Amy’s baby.

The adorable little baby, however, was clearly rocking a dress. Tammy Slaton’s Instagram followers were a little baffled as to why she would have baby Gage in a dress.

Did Tammy Slaton put baby Gage in a dress?

Many of her followers quickly started to ask questions about the baby in the comments. Not all of the comments were negative.

“Is that Gage? That looks like a dress. Beautiful baby and auntie either way!” One follower penned in the comments. The fan was obviously a little confused by seeing a baby in a dress. But, they were ready to support Amy’s son wearing dresses if they decided to go that route with him.

The comment above started a bit of a feud on Tammy’s Instagram. One follower was horrified that someone would have a problem with Gage being in a dress.

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“Are boys not allowed to wear a dress?” The individual fired back at the original comment. Others responded to the question adding that “no” a baby boy shouldn’t be in a dress.

The person who left the original comment clarified they had no issue with a boy in a dress. But, Amy Halterman has never posted photos of her son in a dress. So, it seemed a little weird for Tammy to put him in one. The individual, however, went on to speculate this might not even be Gage.

Fans quickly get to the bottom of it

Another follower jumps into the chatter to point out that Tammy Slaton clearly identifies the baby as her niece. So, no, the baby in a dress is not baby Gage.

The original commenter fires back to point out that there was no caption when she originally made her comment. It wasn’t until Tammy started receiving comments about the baby in a dress that she edited her caption to identified the baby.

Another fan thought it was hilarious that fans couldn’t tell the baby wasn’t Gage BECAUSE the baby was wearing a dress.

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A few furious fans rushed to defend Tammy noting they wished people would learn to read. “You clowns so busy judging her and you can’t read! That is not Gage…” One supportive follower exclaimed.

It appears as if the confusion stemmed from the fact that Tammy Slaton didn’t originally have a caption on the photo and some fans had no idea who the baby was. Once the confusion stirred in her comments, she altered her caption.

Did you think the baby was Gage in a dress? Or, could you tell Tammy Slaton was not holding Gage? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on 1000-Lb. Sisters

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