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Why Do ‘Sister Wives’ Fans Hate Robyn Brown So Much?!

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As Kody Brown’s fourth and final wife, Robyn is often portrayed as the villain in TLC’s Sister Wives. Is Robyn Brown really the “bad guy” she’s made out to be in the series? Why do Sister Wives genuinely seem to dislike her so much?

Is there a reason why Sister Wives fans hate Robyn Brown?

Screen Rant speculates the hatred in the Sister Wives fan base for Robyn Brown is nothing more than poor timing. She came into Kody Brown’s family at a really bad time. And, it is this bad timing that painted her in a bad light for those watching from a distance.

The whole purpose of Sister Wives was for TLC views to understand polygamy on a deeper level. To understand how it was possible for a man such as Kody Brown to have four wives. How did his four wives navigate sharing him? Well, the series does answer a lot of questions about the dynamics of this type of family. But, the series also paints the picture of a very unhappy family. A family that has almost completely unraveled following the pandemic.

As we’ve reported multiple times, Kody Brown was rumored to spend nearly the entire pandemic at home with Robyn Brown. His other wives agree it made sense because she had the youngest children at home and needed the most help. But, fans couldn’t see past Kody Brown picking his favorite wife to hunker down with.

Why is she always crying?!

What really bothers Sister Wives fans about Robyn Brown is the fact that she never seems happy. Fans of the TLC series jest that it is hard to find episodes of the series where Robyn doesn’t cry at least once. This is why she’s often referred to as Sobyn Robyn.

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Fans find her constantly being sad to be frustrating because she is the one who has most of Kody’s attention. She’s viewed as his favorite wife and he seems to spend most of his time with her. Whether it is true or not, fans also believe Robyn Brown broke the family up. Fans believe when she came into the family they stopped functioning as one unit sharing a husband. It appeared as if Robyn just wanted Kody for herself.

Robyn Brown is also extremely private

Janelle, Meri, and Christine Brown are all very active on social media. They each post on Instagram almost daily. The same cannot be said for Robyn and Kody Brown. This is yet another thing Sister Wives fans find to be extremely frustrating.

Will Robyn Brown ever win over the Sister Wives audience? Probably not. But, it definitely isn’t going to happen while she continues to hog Kody from his other wives while also crying at the drop of a hat.

How do you feel about Robyn Brown? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, stick with us for the latest on the Brown family.

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