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‘SW’ Fans Fear For Janelle Brown’s Safety Following ‘Bold-Faced Lie’

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Sister Wives fans fear for Janelle Brown’s safety after she made a bold-faced lie in the comments of her recent Instagram post. What do fans of the TLC personality believe Janelle lied about? And, why are they so concerned for her safety? Keep reading and we’ll explain.

Janelle Brown recently moved into an RV

It was just a few days ago that Janelle Brown shocked everyone by announcing her latest summer venture was to live in an RV on Coyote Pass. The Brown family bought the land to live on it… And, it seems like she was the first one finally taking the step. Now, fans have a lot of pretty big concerns about her living in an RV. In fact, they’ve been pretty opinionated in the comments of her Instagram posts.

One of the biggest concerns Sister Wives fans seem to have is regarding her safety. Namely, fans noted there are only two A/C units on the entire RV. They are concerned she and her children are going to get way too hot living in that thing.

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Janelle Brown responded to the concerns noting that it rarely gets over 90 and it gets very cool when the sun goes down. Sister Wives fans, however, were quick to call her on what they described as a “bold-faced lie.” They clarified it was VERY common for it to get VERY hot in the state of Arizona.

The news has been reported higher than average temperatures all around the U.S. this summer. And, Sister Wives fans are concerned for her safety. They do not think she is prepared to be comfortable inside of the RV with her children.

Do they even have water or power?

Sister Wives fans are equally concerned about the utility situation. Many have noted they see no utility hookup. They don’t understand how Janelle and her children could live in an RV without power or water. This in combination with the A/C issue, there is a deep fear for her safety among the fans.


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Some fans have clarified it is possible her RV has a generator that just cannot be seen from the pictures. Many fans hope Janelle Brown will clarify her living situation for their own peace of mind.

Are you worried about Janelle Brown’s safety? Do you think her RV will get hot this summer? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Brown family.

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  1. For the first thing the rev is probably self contained, that means it has holding tanks the sewer has to be dumped every so often and the water tank has to be refilled every so often. There are sewer trucks that will come and empty that, also you can order water refills. The trailer has a built in generator that you have to our gas in

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