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Janelle Brown Reassures ‘Sister Wives’ Fans Her RV Is Legal

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Janelle Brown broke the news recently that she started a new chapter in her life and she was now living in an RV. As we previously reported, fans were questioning if she was homeless after she listed and sold her home very quickly. Turns out, she’s not homeless anymore as she’s now living in an RV on Coyote Pass. That being said, this news has left Sister Wives fans scratching their head. Is that even legal?

Wait, is living in an RV legal for Janelle Brown?

Now, Sister Wives fans were puzzled as to how Janelle Brown got away with living in an RV on the property. After all, they thought the Brown family tried to make mobile homes happen on the property once before. Fans recall the family being shot down as mobile homes were not zoned to be on the property. With this recollection in mind, many asked Janelle how she got away with having the RV on the property in her comments.

Janelle was happy to clarify in the comments that an RV and a mobile home were two very different things. So, the restrictions with the mobile homes did not necessarily apply to an RV. Janelle Brown further explained living on the property in an RV was as simple as getting the proper permits and paperwork in place.

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She proceeded to reassure those in the comments that she did take the time to get the necessary paperwork. So, the RV she was living in on the property was very much legal. Still, Sister Wives fans had a lot of questions.

But, what about water and power?

Now, if Janelle Brown truly doesn’t have water and power on the RV… That could pose a legal issue as she’s legally required to provide power and water for her children. Sister Wives fans speculated there’s no way she could have power or water on that thing because utilities do not appear to be hooked up. Others, however, propose that she could have a generator they just can’t see from the pictures.

Could Janelle Brown run into legal issues living in an RV with her children? Possibly. It really just depends on a lot of details fans really can’t confirm from the outside looking in. If Janelle has the proper paperwork and the RV has working water and power… She has nothing to worry about. But, here’s hoping she’ll further clear the air as fans clearly have a lot of concerns.


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Do you think Janelle Brown’s RV is legal? Or, do you think she could be in hot water? Share your thoughts with us in the comments and keep coming back for the latest on the Brown family.

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