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Caryn Chandler Admits She & Matt Roloff Aren’t Sleeping Together 

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Caryn Chandler clued LPBW fans into the fact that she and Matt Roloff are not sleeping together right now. Turn out, it is Matt Roloff who is actively choosing not to come to her bedroom and sleep with her. Caryn claims they are doing what they can to “make it work.” But, it certainly sounds like there might be some trouble in paradise as the lovebirds see less and less of each other.

Matt Roloff is choosing not to sleep with Caryn Chandler

Now, Matt Roloff is coming over to Caryn Chandler’s home. He’s eating meals with her and watching movies with her. Things a boyfriend and girlfriend would typically do. But, many LPBW fans practically consider them to be a married couple because of how close they are. So, learning they are not even sleeping in the same bed together has left fans shook.

As we previously reported, Caryn Chandler loves her new and fresh home. But, Matt Roloff isn’t a huge fan. He admits it is a nice home. But, it is a two-story home. And, a two-story home is a bit more challenging for a little person. Avoiding the stairs in her home means avoiding her bedroom as all bedrooms are upstairs. So, the duo are not sleeping together as a result.

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She hopes to ease him into her bedroom

Matt Roloff asked Caryn Chandler if she would be willing to make room in her home for a few of his special chairs. She agreed she would be happy to put a chair wherever he needed. But, she wanted two so she could put a chair upstairs too. With her bedroom being upstairs, he would eventually have to get up those stairs to be with her all night.


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Some Little People, Big World fans question if this relationship is even going to work out. They think Caryn Chandler is spending a lot of time alone because she’s tired of waiting for Matt. And, they think Matt really needs some time to be single and take care of Roloff Farms alone with his children.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back to TV Shows Ace for the latest on the Roloff family.

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  1. I don’t feel sad about them not sleeping together! They did that when he was married to Amy! The tension between Karen and Amy is always high because it split up Matt and Amy’s marriage

    1. Caryn broke up Matt and Amy’s marriage and is trying to usurp Amy with her grandchildren. When Amy was holding her grand daughter at the log cabin and Caryn jumped over and took the baby from Amy I wanted to slap her. I feel bad for Amy. I also don’t like the way tori smugly talks about Amy….I love Amy..what a soldier. I do think she made a mistake not keeping a couple acres at the end of the farm and building a home there so she is included in her children’s lives more.

    1. There are ways to modify, and a stairlift or elevator could easily have been installed. Bedroom could have been on main floor. Caryn just doesn’t want to make the effort.

  2. I gotta agree. If she wanted him in her bed, she would either A: have bought a ranch or rambler home, or B: installed immediately a chair lift or elevator.
    Matt needs to keep his eyes open…

  3. What income would Caryn be making if she wasn’t part of this show? I really wonder how much interest Caryn truly has in Matt let alone be a part of his whole family. She buys a home that’s physically challenging for Matt. That alone is testing where she’s coming from! Duh!

  4. Why can’t he splurge for a chair lift? My dad has one to go up a flight of stairs. It is a simple solution.

  5. Sorry, just can’t stand Caryn. I believe she stepped in to Amy and Matt’s marriage and took over for Amy. She, in my mind, will always be a homewrecker. You can tell by the way she tries to avoid Amy and Amy tries to avoid her. However, I love Chris and am so happy it worked out better for Amy.

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