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New Netflix Show ‘Sexy Beasts,’ You Have To See It To Believe It

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Earlier today, Netflix takes to their social media to stun their followers with their newest show, Sexy Beasts. The post’s caption describes the new dating show as, “The Masked Singer + Love Is Blind = Sexy Beasts.” Needless to say, there is a lot to unpack here. Keep reading to find out more about Sexy Beasts.

What is the concept for Netflix’s Sexy Beasts?

According to Netflix’s Facebook post, Sexy Beasts is “A new dating show where real-life singles sport elaborate makeup and prosthetics to put true blind-date chemistry to the test.” Thankfully, the streaming service provides clarification on the show’s concept. At first glance, Sexy Beasts doesn’t look like it’s real.

The teaser for Sexy Beasts begins with a young woman dressed as a panda, telling a man dressed as a yak what she wants for her future. Assumably, this is the first date. The panda divulges to her date that she wants to wed and have babies before she’s 26. Then, holding nothing back she asks, “Do you have health insurance.”

Next, the trailer goes on to show clips of the cast without their make-up and prosthetics on. These clips go along with the cast all dressed up, so there’s no telling who is who. In the background, the narrator asks, “Could you fall in love with someone based on personality alone?”

Does the show end in proposals?

To go along with the personality topic, the shark asks the praying mantis what his ideal woman is. Suitably, he responds “Personality, for me, is everything.” However, there are more honest cast members on Sexy Beasts. The woodchuck says, “Ass first, personality second.”

In conclusion, the cast members much choose their  “sexy beast.” It’s at this point that the participants get to reveal their true selves. Unlike, Love is Blind it doesn’t appear that the couples get engaged at the end of this experience.

What does Netflix have to say?

Netflix’s vice president, Brandon Riegg gives some insight into the new dating show in his interview with CNN“Simply put, we know unscripted programming is hugely popular on linear TV, and has been that way for a long time. I think our efforts to provide that sort of proper breadth and depth of options to the members, makes sense to have unscripted programming be a part of that.”

Will you stream Sexy Beasts? It releases to Netflix on July 21. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Netflix news.

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