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‘7 Little Johnstons’ Fan Calls Out ‘Miss Negative Nancy’ Amber

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7 Little Johnstons fans know that the current season on TLC brings a lot of negativity from Amber. She clashed with Anna, and her sister Liz actually hates all the tension. Previously, Amber and Trent clashed with Anna many times. Actually, in more recent seasons, it seems that Amber can never find anything positive to say to the kids, except for maybe Liz. When Jonah came home and started telling his parents about his new job, her lip curled up and she instantly went into negative gear. Fed up, one fan called her out for it.

7 Little Johnstons mom and dad Trent and Amber told Jonah to sort his life out

The last season of the TLC show revealed that Jonah was told to get a life, get a job and start looking for his own place to live. Well, fans saw that Jonah turned 21 years old, so many of them agreed that he needed to learn more responsibility. The family posted up nice throwback photos and everyone liked the fun post. Many of them wished him a happy birthday and success in finding a good job and a nice place to stay. However, his mom and dad are really tough on the kids. When Trent spoke to Alec Lace on First Class Fatherhood, he told him it’s not only his values he holds them to but Amber’s as well.

‘7 Little Johnstons’ Jonah Turns 21, Fans Flood Him With Birthday Wishes

7 Little Johnstons fans in 2021 understand the need for the little people to cope in a big world. It takes courage and a lot of determination. Trent might be hard on the kids, but he will give them their due for trying. Meanwhile, Amber seems determined to be a Debbie Downer on everything. Well, that’s the impression that a lot of fans get when they watch the show. Critics suggest the kids want out because their parents are way too controlling and make life very unpleasant. However, with Anna, they throw it all at Amber who seems to always look for the bad side of everything about her adopted daughter.

‘Miss Negative Nancy’ over Jonah’s job

TLC popped up a teaser about the 7 Little Johnstons show and Jonah explained that he wanted to chat with Amber and Trent as he went for a job interview. Two hours later, he got the job. Trent sounded pleased and happy that the company’s quite big and the management likes his son for the job despite his short stature. The full-time job offered was that of a sales consultant. Well, Amber instantly started grumbling. She said it wasn’t what she had in mind for her son. Plus, she hated the idea of him only earning a commission.

One 7 Little Johnstons critic commented, “She needs to be more supporting of his new job. Yes it may not be exactly what she had in mind since it is based on commission. But this will be a good learning experience for him and her. It could go both ways. I hope it goes well for him, she needs to have a little more faith in him!!”  Then in reply, another fan asked. “Does she have any faith in her kids other than Elizabeth?”

Many similar comments followed but one fed-up fan exclaimed, “Miss NEGATIVE NANCY.🙄 Can you ever be happy for your kids??”

What are your thoughts on Amber always being so negative about the kids? Do you think she’s like that all the time? Or, is it just for added drama on the TLC show? Sound off in the comments below.

7 Little Johnstons Fan Calls Out Miss Negative Nancy Amber
Credit: TLC | Instagram

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  1. I have to agree. She seems to be so negative about a LOT of things concerning their kids. She hardly ever seems to encourage them, especially Jonah & Anna….I think that is her name. I know kids have to be guided in the right direction…I raised two of my own. But she seems to put them down & respond to them in a negative way all the time. I love watching the show, but she really puts a bad taste in my mouth!!

  2. I really fo believe that Amber is truly this way all the time. I really don’t think she really loves her kids like a mother should. Maybe at first, but now I think she’s in it for the money and she doesn’t care about hervjudsclikexshe used to in the first house we saw them in. They had fun as a family then as they grew more famous she really got to be negative all the time. She never praises Anna for anything she does. I really live Anna, she is a great young lady. She tries so hard to okeaze her paŕntsxandvivthinn she really wants to do good for them but I don’t think she will get that lice you Anna, good job, proud of you. Liz now she is really different, to me she’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind. I think her getting her own house is great and if she wants her boyfriend to move in, that is strictly up to her not her parents, do I hope he does move in. She is paying the house payment and bills and working so they have no say. They have lost control of her as far as I’m concerned. Jonah moves out, gets his place same thing. They have lost control of 3 of their kids they just have 2 left and I dont think it will take those 2 long to get fed up either.

  3. Seems to me too be a very negative person period. I have someone in my life just like this and I ended up running away when I was 16 yes old.
    Times were different then of course, but if Amber wants a future relationship with them she needs to stop it.

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