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Robyn Brown Has An Alternate Personality — And She Named Her

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We are first introduced to Robyn Brown in Chapter Four of Becoming Sister Wives: The Story Of An Unconventional MarriageOn the first full page of her first chapter in the book, the fourth wife of Kody Brown gets candid about having an alternate personality. In fact, Robyn Brown’s alternate personality even has a name.

Meet Robyn Brown’s alternate personality: What is her name?

Robyn Brown kicks off her first chapter in the book but discussing her first marriage. She notes it was doomed and troubled from the start. She admits that she knew she wanted sister wives after she welcomed her son into the world. Unfortunately, she was not able to bring a second wife into her first marriage before it fell apart.

The TLC personality explains her first marriage left her feeling vulnerable, used, exposed, and helpless. She explained that her first husband left her feeling betrayed. And, she needed to rebuild herself from the inside out. The aftermath of her first marriage left Robyn Brown damaged. So much so that she created an alternate personality. Her protector. She named her alternate personality She-Rah.

It took me a while to realize that the only person I could rely on to protect me was myself. When I discovered this, I invented an alter ego who became my protector. Her name was She-Rah and she presented my tougher, bolder side. Since no one would come to my rescue, I transformed part of me into my own superhero.”

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She-Rah protected her soft and sensitive parts

Robyn Brown continued to explain that her alternate personality, She-Rah, but a wall around her “softer” and “more sensitive parts.” She notes this was necessary to protect herself. Robyn Brown continues to reveal she is naturally a kind and caring persona. So, she would never be able to just throw away that chunk of her personality. Instead, she created She-Rah. And, she allowed She-Rah to build the wall and protect her from being used again.

“She-Rah was instrumental [in] helping me cope with the emotional turmoil caused by my marriage.” Robyn continued as she justified the need for her alternate personality.

Robyn noted that any future man in her life would have to go through She-Rah to get to her heart. And, it appears as if Kody Brown was able to do just that as he and Robyn are happily married now.

Did you know Robyn Brown had an alternate personality? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, stick with us for other secrets hidden in the Sister Wives book.

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