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WOAH! Tori Roloff Fires Up ‘LPBW’ Fans: Is She Mad At Amy?! 

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Zach’s wife Tori Roloff has Little People, Big World fans all fired up after she seemingly took a dig at his mother Amy. Is Tori mad at Amy Roloff? LPBW fans certainly think that might be the case. What exactly did Jackson and Lilah’s mother do that has TLC viewers in a frenzy? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

Tori Roloff shares beautiful Father’s Day tribute, excludes Amy

Now, we know what you are thinking. Father’s Day is for fathers. So, it would make sense for Amy Roloff to be excluded. But, Tori Roloff did NOT limit her post to fathers. To be more specific, Tori included Caryn Chandler in her post while excluding Amy. LPBW fans can’t help but wonder if that means there’s some beef between her and Amy Roloff.

“Happy Father’s Day Zachary. I couldn’t ask for a better dad for our kids and our kids couldn’t ask for a better adventure seeker, fun loving, caring dad,” Tori penned at the beginning of her post. Her post included a picture of Zach with her family; herself with her father; and her family with Matt and Caryn.

She continued: “Happy Father’s Day to my daddy!! I love you so much and am so thankful my kids get to have you as a grandfather!”

“Happy Father’s Day to Matt!! Thanks for raising a son that loves and supports his family!” She concluded.

Not only was Amy not featured in her Father’s Day post, but she didn’t bother wishing Amy a happy Mother’s Day on her special day either.

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Her Mother’s Day post

On Mother’s Day, Tori Roloff posted a very similar tribute. But, she didn’t include Amy Roloff in her tribute. Now, Amy isn’t her mother. So, the lack of a tribute made sense at the time. But, looking back at it now… Tori Roloff wished Matt a happy Father’s Day. So, why didn’t Amy get a happy Mother’s Day?

On Facebook, Tori has LPBW fans in a frenzy over excluding Amy while including Matt Roloff. Some dragged Tori as “rude” for including Caryn but not Amy. Others question what is going on between Tori and her husband’s mother that caused this noticeable exclusion.

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Unfortunately, Tori Roloff isn’t usually one to speak out against trolls and backlash. So, we may never know why Amy was excluded.

Do you think there is tension between Tori Roloff and Amy? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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  1. I absolutely love all you guys, I wish your whole family was in on the series, but everyone has their reasons. As far as the feuding people are talking about, I don’t see anything unusual going on. It’s a very common problem that arguing amongst family members happens. Divorce is also a very hard time, I know, I’ve been divorced three times, and I thought they were my soulmate each and every time. But that isn’t the way life goes. It gives us lemons, and we have to make lemonade!!! Then, it takes time, especially if you’ve been married for as long as they were, to really go on with a normal life. No matter what happens, I wish the best for everyone in the Roloff family!!! You’re all beautiful and gifted!!!

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