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‘Renovation Island’ Resort: Why Was It Shut Down?

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Renovation Island is back with new episodes on HGTV. It turns out that they had to shut the resort down for a bit. Sarah and Bryan Baeumler have put everything into this business. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with setbacks, though. They moved their four children to the Bahamas to rebuild the resort and make a living out of it.

The Renovation Island Resort

The Renovation Island resort was purchased for $2 million, but of course, they had to put a lot more money into the business to get it going. The resort has a pool, store, gym and much more right on the property.

Why Did They Shut Down For A Bit?

Just as the Baeumler’s were ready to open their resort, COVID-19 happened. At first, they were fine and nobody on the island had it at all. Tavel changed, and people stopped booking vacations, though. The lockdown ended up causing the family to have to shut down their resort. Caerula Mar Club opened up in March of 2020. Of course, they had guests and things were going well.


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Then COVID-19 happened and they had to shut down. They didn’t open up again until October of 2020. At the time, Sarah said “Everybody thinks, ‘isn’t that nice being shut down in a place like this during a lockdown, just hang out on the beach.’ The place may have been closed but the work does not stop.”

Things were not easy as Sarah explained.

“First and foremost, we had to make a decision about where we wanted to be with our children, and that was to avoid crowded international travel back to Canada and remain at the hotel on South Andros. All our renovations that were underway were halted, existing reservations had to be cancelled, and travellers refunded. We had to lay off the majority of our staff, but kept a skeleton crew on for maintenance, landscaping and housekeeping in order to protect the infrastructure of the hotel. It was a very difficult time.”

Luckily, the Renovation Island resort is back open and ready for business. You can book online at their website for your future vacation. Hopefully, they are able to stay open and don’t have to close again in the future.

Don’t miss new episodes of Renovation Island on Sunday nights on HGTV at 7 p.m. CST.

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