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‘The Witcher’ Fans Want Netflix To Replace Henry Cavill GF Drama

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Henry Cavill slays a lot of monsters on Netflix’s The Witcher as Geralt of Rivia. Consequently, that job may look easy to the Man of Steel star, in comparison to his battles against the latest controversy that has surrounded his “beautiful and brilliant” new girlfriend, Natalie Viscuso. Here’s what we know about The Witcher star’s controversy.

An old photo of Viscuso has surfaced that appears to be blackface and has his legions of fans angry. One fan has even created a Change.org petition. This asks for the Jersey-born actor to be removed from the Netflix show.

Henry Cavill’s New Girlfriend’s Old Blackface Photo Angers Fans Of The Witcher

Fans of Henry Cavill’s hit Netflix show, The Witcher, are asking for the British-born lead to be replaced. Already, someone has created a Change.Org petition requesting that the streaming network replace him. What is causing this controversy? A photo of his new girlfriend, Legendary Entertainment Vice President, Natalie Viscuso.

Taken back in 2012, while working on an MTV reality show in Namibia, Natalie took the controversial photo. This was for Blue Juice Films, per their Facebook page.  She is wearing native clothing. Covering all of her body, up to her neck, she is wearing the brown African sunscreen called otjize. The Himba people of Namibia use this to protect their skin and for hygienic purposes.

There is water scarcity in Namibia. That is why the Namibian people use otjize. In addition, this is why Natalie is holding up a bottle of water. She was shooting a promo to help with this water crisis. Some on social media have pointed out that otjize should have a cake-like consistency. Instead, this looks smooth, like heavy foundation.

In addition, a quick Google search can confirm that the most common otjize color is actually a burnt orange, not brown as her photo. Otjize is a mixture of butterfat and ocher. Ochre is a natural clay color. This color can range from yellow and orange, to a deep brown.

Although it has been labeled as “black face,” she does not have any of the otjize on her face. However, many could say that this was cultural appropriation. On one hand, she was likely following the direction of her television producer. She was quite young. On the other hand, she should have apologized for this immediately. It is quite a shock to find that it was available on her friend’s social media.

Consequently, the relationship between the new couple and Cavill’s legion of fans has been contentious. Cavill shared a poorly photoshopped photo and included a lengthy missive defending his lady love. He even wrote a long Instagram statement insisting that he was “happy in life and love,” asking fans to redirect their misplaced “passion.”

Natalie Viscuso worked for Blue Juice Films-https://www.facebook.com/BlueJuiceFilms/photos/basw.Abr307rFZr3bqrVJTdQOf1OoIR4QJWJkefo_Wmw366X7xBdSgJBvTfmAT0eK3Zu3k4Qtw0IHQE7u-ZLau9qmLAIxdZ64opQTtQ0Hi1LiXT-raAPLrhnbByMfbguYLNruA5ms_tCQW1XiUxPp5Ko0TZWE/10151266636055145/?opaqueCursor=AboTTF0OTNMBwSxxtHjutetHLonl9eIPmXHbQBC_MEGmM4ZRxFL0b1Xld9VQYXad_y0pYOf1PPmh9_1Pnqm_clv2Odi9CVeZLYTKKDHD80i58ds2ssPrhp-u3S2XFnY2jNV8sL9Qud_17nPHj98yryVvKUZR4PrghN2riYuv_rN7_VcJtqZrEv9XprY6yztxUDsKkidRxjTrhD9PzoMQscRP3G7ck1bvrThbzxs3BIlqtTIDiB098W4Jkow4dCwLELutHPzqQlygY0hh2oUpN3lV9WOvpCxIxiHKUso_ZXHAI1-6ZfRaRgAXoFZ6pkn-K7k_NtGbIN8Pfw50QKAFNHAMYqmMLrqhp0ESH39UU5EchCWGPmY9WKN_HzS2_xHz3rtaupS1bFNstlRYtjrMFz97uvqBvtFKkTfWpJSqJu_Kckil8gfNVuJx5F1EqwHW3RsnfaKgoEeGNKf_VKiS7F0-TsvBU8ftqcGCkFzaEP5sWpiDsB_xTVTy1ji32wlAGlDZN7nuXZNxWD6rbNB17AL6Bi9Shd8__XAW5TREJzzxANbxbHknMCAtswL-9OqlznHLr8G4AnlmKIwuEB1wCdaji2-CBNtPymezUfO5X4eL5ikGgFidRDEKYtK-aryFs3s40hERjLszbm9YHiCbqoZmxNgJFpqxkHSMzStYfYKl-8TnSDKd5eXzcMdO_5Wte08mHZRwe-ZHsdNE66T9cUi75gNsmbdMvuBfI7MqY1oKb2C8UX2SChRDhjlTTsiqxm4Ki0H6ARmNJ9rSjTkEwRJ_yV82Y46TVwzUsBKhF4E9Og
Henry Cavill’s current girlfriend, Natalie Viscuso, worked for Blue Juice Films in 2012.

What Does The Change.Org Petition Say?

Currently, there are less than 50 people who have signed the petition. The Change.Org petition entitled “Replace Henry Cavill On Netflix’s The Witcher” says this:

“Henry Cavill the star of the Netflix hit show The Witcher is dating Natalie Viscuso, a woman who did a ‘blackface’ and wore African indigenous tribal outfits while she was shooting a television show in Namibia. She was 25 years old. The N word is used casually by her group of friends. If Henry Cavill can associate with this bunch, it means his beliefs are not far off. He himself claims that the people you keep around are a reflection of yourself.”

“His controversial comments in Man of the World Magazine were widely covered and a topic of great criticism. He questioned whether the Oscars push for diversity was racist. On #OscarsSoWhite : ‘Maybe the solution is to have more diversity in the members. But does that mean we are saying that to have more black academy members would result in more black nominations? Is that not RACIST itself?'”

“I feel Henry Cavill should go to school and learn about racism. What toll it takes on people when the people he associates with say the N word out loud or like his GF do a ‘blackface’. His blatant disrespect for the Black community should not be tolerated. Please join hands with me in signing this petition if you feel the same. I request Netflix his removal from the show with immediate effect.”

Crickets From Natalie Viscuso, Legendary Entertainment

As of now, Natalie Viscuso, nor the company she works for Legendary Entertainment, nor The Witcher star, Henry Cavill, have made a statement regarding this recent find. A press release and apology could go a long way in this situation. This is especially important in Hollywood, where Viscuso works.

It is a bit of a surprise that this photo was still available. Michael David Peschka first shared it on Facebook. Next, Natalie shared it on her account. However, companies like Legendary may have social media guidelines. Would the production company consider a photo like this this appropriate?

What Henry Cavill Could Do

Although Cavill, the Creative Director of Muscle Tech, likely didn’t even know the My Sweet 16 reality star back at the time of this photo, this is The Witcher star’s current girlfriend. They are now a pair. He has often preached how important the people close to you are.

Moreover, fans are very concerned about this photo and it distresses them. It especially distresses them, as the forever-single Cavill has shared the qualities that he wanted in a wife. Neither “racist” nor “offensive” were included in that dream list.

It would go a long way for Henry to address this issue. He could even take a cue from singer John Legend, who recently addressed his wife, Chrissy Teigan’s previous bullying online. While marriage is not the same as being newly in love, Henry’s previous girlfriends have been pretty controversial.

Perhaps the biggest controversial Henry Cavill girlfriend is Gina Carano. The couple dated two different periods of time. Earlier this year, Gina’s controversial tweets, deemed as racist, caused a lot of scandals. She compared being Republican to being Jewish during the Holocaust.

Not long after, she was fired from The Mandalorian, Disney+’s top show. However, right afterward, there was a cry on Twitter to cancel The Man From U.N.C.L.E. star. He received backlash, despite never expressing those views. In addition, it has been almost six years since the couple was together.

It does not seem fair that he should be canceled over an old girlfriend. It should not be noted that when the couple was together, she did not appear to share anything controversial.

What Does Twitter Have To Say About The Witcher Star?

Although the Change.Org petition is certainly a bold statement, what does the Twitterverse have to say about The Witcher’s girlfriend’s photo? You don’t have to go any further than the Superman fans to read about their thoughts about the racially insensitive photo.

Although most seemed to acknowledge that Instagram missive asking toxic fans to stay away, most now questioned why he was defending someone so problematic.

One person on Twitter wrote, “I just can’t believe he wrote a whole post talking about “social enlightenment,” and defending her because fans were upset about this and voiced their concerns. Like how is this ok? This is so gross. At the very least it’s racially insensitive. Then there’s the water bottle…”

The subsequent problems were also not complementary to the couple. “oh I remember his post as I took offense to it. I was like hey dude I’ve been a superman fan a LONG time, don’t lump me in with loonies lol Then this, my mouth dropped. I was like WOW! like how removed from reality do you have 2 be to think this was ok on any level.”

A Fourth poster also questioned Henry Cavill. “I didn’t really pay it much attention. Because seems like Henry Cavill always writing these posts about his gfs. But this is mindblowing. In 2021, HOW can you defend this? I thought @Rockwas friends with him? Someone needs to tell them this is indefensible.”

What do you think The Witcher star should do?

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  1. Cavill didn’t care when she flew to the UK during covid restrictions. He didn’t care while he is using the excuse of “work” flying in FL seemly on a holiday. Why would he care about this. His pompous entitled ass thinks he’s above everyone else!

  2. I support Henry. He isn’t responsible for anyone’s actions. People like this and whoever supports this petition are bullies. Nothing else. Without Henry the whole series would lose everything imo.

  3. I don’t think Netflix will replace Cavill in the role. First things first, I think there should be a call for a boycott of season 2. Season 3 hasn’t even been announced! Netflix will more than likely abandon ship. Especially after Cavill came out with a statement defending this racist last month and telling fans to mind their own business. Looks like he was a tad uncomfortable with the scrutiny…must be other skeletons in the closet. BOYCOTT season 2…spread the word!!!

  4. Henry didn’t know her when she went to Africa. He’s not really been dating her long enough to know how problematic she is either, so why does he need to suffer/apologize for HER historic actions?

    It’s nothing to do with him. Should he distance himself from her? Of course. Was that cringeworthy rebuff of fans concerns ill judged? Absolutely! But their speculation and theories have been crazy, mean spirited and hurtful at times.

    He completely tarnished his image with his actions over the last few months, especially with breaking the COVID rules for this woman and what not. But he’s worked long and hard for the carer he has, it comes across as spiteful to want to punish him simply for dating a wrong ‘un when he was likely completely unaware of the type of person she truly was/still is.

    If he now goes ahead and continues to show up with her, and continues to throw his support behind her in any way now that she’s exposed, then let him rot! But you can’t punish someone for another’s behaviour, especially when it’s 99% likely that they had absolutely no clue about it.

    1. Oh shut up. Where do u jerks get off thinkin u can control what people do or who they dated. All leftist freaks need counseling

  5. This is pathetic. These overly invested so-called “fans” don’t give a damn about this girls “cultural appropriation”. They’re livid because their internet boyfriend dared to live his life and date publicly so they went trophy hunting and dug into her past to justify their hatred. Henry doesn’t owe any of these weirdos an explanation. I, for one, will continue watching.

    1. Couldn’t agree more !!!! Leave the man alone. He works hard, has never been racist himself and tries to be a good person. I do not know Natalie personally and am not aware of any recent racist infractions so, leave them alone !!!

  6. First of all there’s nothing wrong with her photo. The tribe didn’t have a problem with it 11 years ago.Why do we have a problem with it today? And such hypocrisy! As if the so-called fans are perfect. If we were famous and people were out to get us, we would all soon be found guilty of something we said or did back when it didn’t matter. Like you haters have no skeletons in your closet. Leave them alone. And ger a life.

  7. “‘The Witcher’ Fans Want Netflix To Replace Henry Cavill GF Drama”, no ‘The Witcher’ fans don’t want to replace him, bunch of morons who keep getting offended by things that are none of their business do. People who don’t have a life of their own, no friends, no hobby, no personality, no power, so they try to feel happines by trying to ruin someone else’s life over things not considered in any way wrong or offensive by any person who’s IQ is above room temperature level. You are so pathetic.

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